6 Facts About Cannabis Strains That You Should Know

6 Facts About Cannabis Strains That You Should Know

6 Facts About Cannabis Strains That You Should Know

Cannabis has recently gained a lot of popularity across the globe as different countries legalize the use of cannabis products. While most of its use is restricted, it is still a good step and progress from when it was considered illegal to use cannabis in most places. This acceptance has also led to the spread of information regarding the plant and products associated with it.

Cannabis is available in different forms. However, one of the essential things to note about the plant is that it comes in different strains. Different strains may determine the quality of cannabis products that find their way to shelves in cannabis dispensaries like this canada cannabis dispensary across the globe. So which are these strains, and which factors make them different from each other? Read on to uncover more details.

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Cannabis has Numerous Slang Names

One of the reasons cannabis is popular today is because of the different names it goes by. Whether you know about the sherbet strain or are more familiar with the white widow, OG Shark, or even the diesel Haze, all these are popular cannabis strains. One thing about the strains is that they are preferred for different reasons.

For example, some strains seem to work perfectly for pain management, while others are excellent for mental instability and others for managing sleep disorders. Different cannabis strains are helpful for various things and should be treated as such. The fact that pot/cannabis has different effects depending on the one you choose means that users should be careful when buying it. Fortunately, when purchased from licensed vendors, it becomes easy to verify the quality and ensure the effect.

It is Possible to Hate One Strain and Love Another

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It is advisable to try different cannabis strains because you do not know which one you will like. As earlier mentioned, contrary to what many people believe, the different cannabis strains differ in taste, smell, and effects. This means that they are not going to give you the same experience across the board. It is essential to know which strain works for you because different people have varied preferences. This can be achieved by trying out as many strains as possible before settling for your favorite one. Learning new things is always helpful while using cannabis as it can amplify the experience if you’re disciplined enough.

Fortunately, it is not as difficult as it was sometimes back to safely trying out the different strains. All you have to do is visit a legal weed dispensary and purchase a strain each time you visit. Monitor its effects and how you like it. When you are done with the most popular strains, you will know which one works for you. In most cases, the most significant difference between the strains will be determined by the levels of THC and CBD. 

Watch Out For Different Flavors and Scents

It is not true to say that cannabis is the same. This couldn't be further from the truth. All cannabis strains have unique scents and flavors, which is what makes them stand out. This is brought about by the fact that each cannabis strain has a unique blend of terpenes. Terpenes are natural organic compounds that make up the plant's flavor and scent. 

It is what is used in aromatherapy and food flavorings. The terpenes also contribute to the general effect a cannabis strain may have since they tend to affect the wellness of a human being in different ways.

Cannabis Strains are Better with Entourage Effect

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This refers to the fact that cannabis is better for wellness when consumed as an entire bud instead of when it is taken in bits such as extracts. Vaping, taking as an edible, or smoking the bud in its entirety is likely to have a better wholesome effect on one's body than when consumed in extracts such as cannabis extracts. 

However, this does not mean that capsules such as CBD supplements and oils are non-effective. It only means that it is better to take the entire cannabis plant. However, more research needs to go into this, and thankfully due to more legalization of the plant, scientists will explore all areas of the plant and their effects.

Cannabis Works for Both Men and Women

A few years ago, before cannabis was made legal for adult use in many places worldwide, it was dominated by men. Women would hardly consume it, or rather very few women did. However, this is slowly changing as more women embrace different cannabis strains for unique female issues such as curing menstrual pain

This information is crucial for the industry's growth since the feedback from such women helps expand the strains that work for them. Without the inclusion of women, it would be impossible to grow more of such helpful strains since men know nothing about unique female challenges.

Some Cannabis Strains are More Popular than Others

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These are often referred to as the coveted cannabis strains. You are likely to find these strains wherever you go since they tend to be the most preferred in many markets. They include the likes of sour diesel, which is loved for its energizing effects, purple kush, its highly relaxing effect, and blue dream hybrid, which is a perfect cannabis hybrid strain that enhances focus and increases motivation.

Final Thoughts

Cannabis comes in all forms and strains. Therefore, it is advisable to try out different strains to determine which one you like most.