5 Benefits of Synthetic Diamonds and Why They’re a Great Idea

5 Benefits of Synthetic Diamonds and Why They’re a Great Idea

5 Benefits of Synthetic Diamonds and Why They’re a Great Idea

The saying goes that 'diamonds are a girl's best friend,' and these beautiful gemstones continue to sell in massive quantities around the world. But, while in the past nearly all companies tended to mine diamonds from the earth, it's now possible to grow synthetic diamonds in a lab. This development has several exciting consequences for both the diamond industry and for consumers.

But, is there a difference between synthetic diamonds and real diamonds, and which version should you choose? Both options represent a considerable investment, and you'll likely own them for a lifetime, so it's essential to make the right decision. 

Let's dive in and find out all you need to know about synthetic diamonds and learn why they are a fantastic choice. 

1. Excellent Quality

You may have heard about the 4 C's when considering the quality of a diamond - cut, carat, clarity, and color. But, many natural diamonds have impurities that can affect these aspects due to their origin. In contrast, synthetic diamonds come from a much more stable and controlled environment. 

They do not have to cope with outside weather conditions, so the quality of a lab-grown diamond is generally extremely high.

2. More Affordable

You may think a synthetic diamond price would be high because of the superior quality, but this is not the case. Creating a lab-grown diamond does not require as many human resources as mining for natural diamonds, so they do not cost as much to buy. This means you can spend more money on other items that may complement your gemstone.

3. Better for Your Conscience

Unfortunately, there are unscrupulous people who treat workers terribly in the pursuit of mining natural diamonds. There is also no way of determining the origin of a natural diamond. But when you wear synthetic diamond earrings or synthetic diamond rings, you know your accessories came from a lab, and workers were paid a fair wage. 

4. More Environmentally Friendly

Mining can cause considerable ecological damage, and in the modern era, more and more people are becoming aware of their own impact on the environment. This may discourage them from buying a natural diamond.

But, you can buy the best synthetic diamonds knowing that a company did not use a lot of energy digging a hole to obtain your gemstones. In addition, many diamond labs now use renewable energy.

5. Synthetic Diamonds are Real Diamonds

When considering the difference between synthetic diamonds vs. real diamonds, many consumers get confused by the terms. In actual fact, there are almost no differences in lab-grown diamonds compared to natural diamonds. Both varieties have the same physical properties, and even expert jewelers are unlikely to distinguish which is which.

A synthetic diamond is a real diamond, despite the terminology.

Find Your Ideal Synthetic Diamond Today

Buying synthetic diamonds is a great idea if you're looking to buy a special gemstone that has a stunning appearance but comes without the price tag of a natural diamond. You can also enjoy choosing your lab-grown diamond knowing creating it had a lesser impact on the environment than digging for diamonds in the earth. 

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