4 Awesome Ways To Preserve Family Memories

4 Awesome Ways To Preserve Family Memories

4 Awesome Ways To Preserve Family Memories 

Family memories are precious to almost everyone. Not only are they a source of memories, but years later they become an insight into one’s family history and a way for them to learn about their ancestors. In some ways, these stories become our legacy, and that needs to be protected at all costs. 

There are countless ways to do this, from taking photos and saving them to keeping a diary and recording all the things your elders tell you about their elders. Still, recording family history is no easy job, and it’s best if you cover all your bases and preserve memories in a number of ways. 

Keep reading to find out what they are. 


Create Custom Art 

A lot of things about your family history can be lost with time, and it can be hard to preserve images that only exist in memory. You could also probably have a lot of photos that are almost at their last straw, and there might even be some family photos that are barely in viewing quality. 

There’s one solution to all these problems - which is to have custom art made to replicate these photos and memories and to have that preserved. This method of recording your history was pretty expensive before, but now there are online services like Instapainting portrait painting that can help you get this work done for a very low cost. In most cases, you have the freedom to choose what medium you want the paintings to be in, and even change the background etc for some scenes - though we wouldn’t recommend that if your goal is to preserve family memories. 

Make Digital Copies of Photos 

Digital photography wasn’t a thing even one or two generations back, which is why you probably have a lot of family albums and photos stored in the family home’s attic. 



The best way to make sure you don’t lose these photos to time or any other accident is to scan them and make digital photos of them, and then keep multiple copies. 

You can have a USB drive that contains all your family history, you can save them online in places like Google Drive, and you should definitely send copies of these photos to all your siblings and relatives. This way they, too, have a record of their family history and you’ll always know that all the information is safe even if you lose it. 

Write a Memoir 

Pictures need someone to explain the story behind them or a little note on the back for people to know what exactly is happening. They’re great for remembering faces and recording important moments, but there are limits to the story they can tell. 

If you think your family history is too complex to be captured in a single photo, you can hire a ghostwriter to record it in the form of a book. You may be able to pass this book down, and even self publish to share your family’s story with anyone who’s interested - though that might make it too complicated if the main goal is to have something to pass down through the generations. 

Keeping the memoir within the family will allow you to be as honest as you need to be and not worrying about the characters and places in the story being too identifiable. 

Create a Documentary 

If you want, you can make a sort of documentary or film of all your family’s elders talking about their lives and answering your questions. This would be an interview of sorts that you can later edit and refine. 

Not only is this a great project for any budding filmmaker in the family, but it’s also a great way to get your family’s stories and preserve them as they are told by the people who’ve lived through them.