3 Locations and Tips for Planning a Trip With Friends

3 Locations and Tips for Planning a Trip With Friends

3 Locations and Tips for Planning a Trip With Friends

A vacation with friends can be a perfect way to see the world, relax or try new things. The more people you involve, the more thought you may have to put into the planning. It is only natural that people may not all want to do the same thing, especially in a large group. It is more feasible to consider the desires of the other attendees when it is only a few people. If a vacation with your friends is something you want to plan soon, here are a few destinations that are great for a group and tips to consider as you plan.

  1. Universal Studios

Heading to a theme park, such as Universal Studios in California, is a popular option. You can walk through the park as a big group or split up to try different attractions without feeling like you are leaving someone without anything to do. Universal Studios features an upper lot with family-friendly activities, themed roads and food. You can expect to see characters from Despicable Me, Secret Life of Pets and The Simpsons. Studio tours offer insight into the creative process and feature rotating shows all ages would enjoy. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter features rides through Hogwarts and live performances. The lower lot has more sections, such as Jurassic Park and Transformers.

Universal Studios is a perfect destination for a group traveling together. There are plenty of options to keep everyone entertained. Plus, the theme park is located in Los Angeles, California, so there are beaches and many other tourist destinations to explore outside of the park if time allows. When planning a trip, it is important to ask for budgets. What is in your price range may not be affordable for the others. Always look for great deals as you book a friend's trip, such as looking for discounted tickets costco universal studios.

  1. Nashville

Nashville, Tennessee, is a go-to spot for gatherings of friends. The atmosphere is electric, with entertainment surrounding you at every corner. For a group of friends who love to go out in the evenings, this is your destination. Live music can be heard from just about every establishment, too.

Music City attracts music lovers, aspiring musicians and fun lovers by the millions each year. The Grand Ole Opry and Broadway are well-loved attractions you should try your best to squeeze into your itinerary. When planning a trip with a group, always consider travel time for each party involved. Try to pick a location that is central unless you all agree that the destination is exactly where you all want to go. 

  1. Outer Banks

The Outer Banks is a great destination for relaxing on the oceanside. There is a wide variety of attractions, including watersports, tours and lighthouses. Jockey's Ridge is the highest sand dune on the East Coast and a popular stop for adventurous tourists who want to trek to the top. Some could easily spend an entire vacation relaxing on the beach. For those who want more, you can ride horses, paddleboard and so much more. Plus, the seafood is fresh and deliciously prepared.

Figuring out accommodations for a group can be a challenge. Some prefer to get a beach house so everyone can stay together. Others want some personal space and select hotels or condos. There are pros and cons to both. One reservation can handle accommodations for everyone if you choose a house. If you go for a hotel or another option, there are many more reservations required.

No matter where you choose to go, the best part of a vacation with friends is spending time with people you love. Remember that booking a trip with multiple people involves some give and take. Everyone will need to be flexible as you plan. There are factors to consider, such as travel time and budget. However, if you are patient and aware of others' needs and limits, you can plan a fantastic trip everyone will enjoy.