Wrangler: The Story Behind the Real Comfortable Jeans We All Love

Wrangler: The Story Behind the Real Comfortable Jeans We All Love

Well, howdy partner! Giddy up, we have a modern cowboy on the loose. He was seen stealing looks on the streets. We have to stop him. But, wait… He seems to be wearing Wrangler, the creme de la creme of western wear, we can’t compete with that, no one can. It’s the real, comfortable jeans brand that outlives all the trends, we don’t stand a chance. Maybe there’s something else we can do... We can slip into Wrangler western clothing and turn some heads too. But first, let’s see what makes this brand so special that has everyone falling head over boots.

How It All Started 

Wrangler was established as a brand in 1943, but its roots date way back to the 19th century. Back in 1887, twenty-two-year-old C.C Hudson left his farm in Tennessee and set out on a journey to Greensboro, North Carolina to find a job in the emerging textile industry. He managed to find work in overalls making factory which little did he know, was about to close down. 

However, that didn’t stop Hudson’s quest to finding fortune in the textile industry. He and his colleagues bought some of the sewing machines and started a new line of products known as the Hudson Overall Company in 1904. Several years later, in 1919, Hudson built his first factory on South Elm Street and acquired the name Blue Bell Overall Company. 

Why Blue Bell of all things you ask? Simply because every factory has a bell and when it comes to denim factories, everything’s covered in blue, hence the name. Fast forward to 1943, Blue Bell acquired another lesser-known brand i.e Wrangler; and set the course for the legendary brand we all know today. Wrangler clothing may have come out of Blue Bell, but it certainly didn’t come out of the blue. This brand had a talented specialty tailor known as Rodeo Ben to revolutionize its western apparel line and skyrocket its popularity among cowboys, western film stars and country music stars. 

Rodeo Ben was a Polish tailor who loved the rugged cowboy lifestyle, especially rodeos. He was well known among the celebrities in the 30s and 40s and created custom western clothes for legends such as Gene Autry, Hopalong Cassidy, Hawkshaw Hawkins, Jimmy Dean, just to name a few. It wasn’t long until Wrangler’s new, innovative approach to western wear caught the attention of regular, everyday people. 

Where Wrangler Stands Nowadays

Do you know that 97% of pro rodeo cowboys and cowgirls wear Wrangler western apparel to this very day? What’s more, modern-day celebrities among which David Beckham, Brad Pitt, Jared Leto and Bradley Cooper can be seen rocking stylish Wrangler western clothing pieces on the streets and at events. Harrison Ford took it even further when he decked out in a pair of Wrangler jeans and wore them on his wedding day. The iconic jeans even got a line in the Grammy award-winning “Old Town Road”. 

…Wrangler on my booty can nobody tell me nothing! But how come Lil Nas?  What is Wrangler clothing known for? Well, someone once said that you wear Wrangler when you got nothing to prove. After all, it’s the brand for those who are born ready. A fusion of style, comfort and durability that appeals to both fashionistas and those who are putting in the hard yards. 

Wrangler is probably best known for its ability to keep in step with the times. In the past, you had a reliable jean pocket that kept your pocket watch safe, now that pocket has evolved to safeguard your smartphone. Back then, Wrangler jeans had specially designed rivets that wouldn’t scratch your saddle, now those rivets have evolved to stand up to the rigours of manual jobs. 

When it comes to style, Wrangler does an amazing job of keeping things classy and flexible. This means that you can go from work to a night out downtown in the same outfit and rock your rugged cowboy aesthetic the approved way.  And don’t get me started on comfort. Wrangler uses premium quality fabrics that keep you cool in summer yet warm and dry in winter. Moreover, these fabrics will let your skin breathe and won't restrict your movements as other jeans do. If you want to enjoy all-day comfort regardless of where you go or what you do, Wrangler is your safest bet. 

What the Future Holds For Wrangler

As a brand that constantly stays at the forefront of innovation, Wrangler’s story doesn’t end here and now. By steering away from fast fashion trends and practices, Wrangler strives to create the next generation of sustainable fashion. Steve Rendle, the chairman and CEO of VF Corporation (Wrangler’s parent company) told Forbes, that sustainability and social stewardship lie at the core of their future aspirations.

Wrangler aims to tackle the fashion industry’s biggest challenges and it’s willing to help other apparel brands to do the same. By focusing on sustainable and ethical industry practices such as improving soil health and water conservation, Wrangler strongly commits to elevate the negative impact of fashion on the environment and preserve resources for future generations.

Closing Thoughts

Remember that stylish cowboy from the beginning? Time to steal his look. The key to an attractive western-style outfit is to keep it classy and simple, something that the Blue Bell’s successor pretty much excels in. With Wrangler western apparel by your side, you can put your best cowboy boot forward, without looking like you just rode back from a fast draw. Without further ado, you can now check out Wrangler’s latest drops online and treat yourself to a western makeover.