Who makes affordable skeleton watches?

Who makes affordable skeleton watches?

Who makes affordable skeleton watches?

All of the working components of a skeleton watch can be viewed through the dial or on the back of the watch, or through an incision that lines the dial.

In order to fully skeletonize a watch, any metal besides the bare skeleton of the movement must be removed from the watch's bridge, plate, wheel train, or any other mechanical component. Often engravings are used to enhance remaining thinning movement. This can be done with or without a dial face that allows the user to observe the movement.

So what brands make affordable skeleton watches?



Tens of thousands of collectors have dedicated themselves to the Invicta brand. In particular, they have developed skills in creating skeleton watches.

It is now recognised that Invicta watches are stylish and affordable. New models are released almost every week, so there are hundreds of watches available.

These timepieces contain high-quality components like stainless steel cases and Japanese and Swiss movements, as well as features normally associated with much more expensive watches. Also included are references to popular Rolex pieces.

A large dial watch allows the wearer to create an attractive watch face for the wrist instead of having to choose from small dial watches.

Some sceptics of Invicta believe that despite the glitz and the excitement, it is not worth buying one. But we disagree.


With its skeleton watches, Bulova offers high-quality timepieces at a budget-friendly price.

They have a wide variety of styles and designs, so no matter what your personal aesthetic is, you will undoubtedly find a watch that matches it in their collections.

A skeleton watch is not a cheap purchase. It is not uncommon for a high-quality skeleton timepiece to cost more than $500.  In contrast, Bulova has totally shattered this barrier. Costs vary, but purchasing one won't require much cash. Even though they are inexpensive, these watches function well, but more on that later.

Customers all around the world have been astounded by how effectively the watches function while being within a reasonable price range. The majority of Bulova skeleton watches use Swiss automatic movements.

Watches with skeleton dials often concentrate only on the skeleton element of their design. Bulova, on the other hand, is not like that. Each little detail is carefully considered in the transparent cases, and it shows. The timepieces not only feature killer skeleton dials, but they also have elegant and coherent accents that complete the aesthetic.


Stuhrling doesn't shirk from stirring up some controversy with its watches. 

Chinese movements were used in all “standard” Stuhrling skeleton timepieces.  316L surgical-grade stainless steel is used to make each casing for Stuhrling timepieces. In limited edition or Premiere models, ceramic casings may replace stainless steel. The straps of some versions are constructed of top-grain In general, some people use alligator or crocodile straps. In limited edition or Premiere watches, ceramic casings may replace stainless steel. leather, while the rubber straps are made of custom-moulded silicone for others.

The most expensive Stuhrling skeleton watches are equipped with Chinese tourbillon movements. Many timepieces, including those that cost thousands of dollars, feature Swiss mechanisms. So you're guaranteed to have a high-quality watch when you buy from Stuhrling.

Are skeleton watches worth it?

In the right hands, a skeleton watch can become a work of art. It's more than just a timepiece.  Since the watchmaking business began, people with money and socioeconomic status sought master watchmakers to create these luxury items that would reflect their social status.

The timepieces of today are different. Today, almost everyone can afford a watch of some kind. These three brands aim to resurrect the art of the past while being very affordable, ensuring that anybody who desires one may get one.