When You Should Quit the 9-5 And Go It Alone

When You Should Quit the 9-5 And Go It Alone

When You Should Quit the 9-5 And Go It Alone

So, you have a business dream, and you’re slowly building your customer base and thanks to all your hard work, persistence, and determination you’re turning a profit. When you’re an ambitious and motivated entrepreneur it’s all too easy to become trapped within the confines of your 9-5 job, having all your inspiration and dreams of business success slowly drained out of you. It’s enough to discourage and destroy the true potential of even the most determined of entrepreneurs from chasing their dreams and stepping out of the shadow of their current employer.

So, is there ever a good time to quit the 9-5 and finally go it alone? For many entrepreneurs, the idea of letting go of their stable salary is a terrifying prospect, and it means that they’re truly at the mercy of sourcing enough clients and sales to keep their bills paid, their business moving forward and their dream alive. However, it’s also comforting to know that this has been done (successfully) before – here you can read the story of someone who started a business in the health & beauty niche after becoming burnt out by corporate life. 

More entrepreneurs than ever before are letting go of their employers and taking a leap of faith into business ownership. Want to know if it’s the right time for you? Read on for signs it’s time to quit the 9-5 and go it alone.

You Want To Scale Your Business But You Don’t Have Time

If you’ve already experienced some success with your side business, then you’ve probably been working on your success at every free opportunity you can. Whether that’s evenings, early mornings or weekends, you’ve managed to juggle your responsibilities and obligations effectively so far. So, when the time comes and you’re finally ready to take your business to the next level but you’re unable to find any more time to commit to your business due to your full-time job, it might be time to go it alone! If you’re finding it difficult to make deadlines and hit those long- and short-term goals because your job is holding you back, then you might be ready to take the next step.

You’re Turning Away Opportunities Due to Time Constraints

As your side business begins to grow, so do business opportunities and your professional network. Perhaps you’re receiving more orders than you can handle, and you’re either turning away work because you can’t meet client demands, or you’re having to risk missing their expectations because you’re so stretched for time, or maybe you’re unable to attend industry events and other sales opportunities due to your 9-5 – if any of these scenarios sound familiar then it might be time to move on from your day job.

You’re Confident You Can Support Yourself

When your business is making a profit, and you’ve carefully considered multiple financial factors and you always arrive at the same conclusion – that your business venture can financially support you – then it could be time to take the leap. It makes sense to be cautious, and to take your time over this decision, but if the signs are there, it might be time.

You may be familiar with the term – don’t give up your day job, but when your side hustle is successful and financially sound, it could be the next step for you.