What Temperature Does Your Betta Fish Prefer?

What Temperature Does Your Betta Fish Prefer?

What Temperature Does Your Betta Fish Prefer?

The Siamese fighting fish is known as the betta. This freshwater fish is native to Southwest Asia in particular Laos, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Thailand. This fish can breathe directly from the surface of the water as it is the labyrinth fish. It can survive in a small cup to some extent. However, it must be kept in at least 2 gallon tank. 

As a beginner to the betta fish, you must know and make certain the right temperature for this fish. The temperature has to be kept at 75 to 80 degrees of Fahrenheit. Do not forget that cold water kills this fish. The immune system of this fish slows and makes it susceptible to disease when it stays in cold water. 

An ideal water temperature range 

Hot water makes this fish uncomfortable and age as quickly as possible because its metabolism increases. You can use a heater to maintain the right temperature of water in a tank with a filter.  

The first-class filter in this fish tank keeps the bacteria and other types of toxins from hurting the betta. You must treat water with a dechlorinating agent and maintain chlorine and heavy metals from killing betta. 

A proper use of the water conditioner is very important to keep the betta healthy. The pH level of the water has to be kept between 6.5 and 8. You have to change water at least once a week to make certain that the betta has fresh water. 

Betta fish are the charismatic little creatures and known for their ruffle-y fins and bright colors. Though this fish is native to Thailand, residents of many countries worldwide prefer this fish for their aquarium. In general, this fish lives in still and slow-flowing water bodies like streams, ponds, swamps, rice paddies, and roadside ditches. 

Betta fish is also known as Siamese fighting fish. This is because many people in the Southeast Asia raised these fish to clash each other and spectators positioned bets on which fish will get win. 

Understand the basics 

Betta fish is a good option for anyone who likes to keep around the fish with the low-maintenance type. Everyone who has planned to keep the betta in their home fish tank has to know and remember the correct temperature of the water this fish can live in. 

Betta fish survive in hot areas in the wild and require the warm water habitat they are used to in the wild. The ideal temperature range of water for this fish is from 70 degrees to 80 degrees Fahrenheit.  This fish can survive in the temperature range between 72 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit. However this fish cannot thrive in such temperature. 

Many beginners to the fish aquarium tank maintenance search for how to keep the betta fish at a suitable temperature. They have to invest in a few tools to help their betta out. They require a fish tank heater to keep the aquarium water as warm as possible. They also need a thermometer to measure the water temperature and make certain it does not go above and dip below the suitable temperature range specified. They must check the aquarium temperature on a regular basis and keep their betta fish comfortable and healthy. 

Problems to betta in the abnormal water temperature 

You may think what happen when the water temperature decreases or increases in the fish tank. If there is any unfavourable change in the water temperature to the betta, then betta fish gets some physiological changes and reveals some odd behaviour. The betta fish suffers from the reduced metabolic function when the water temperature is low. This unfavourable change in the health makes the betta cold to move around much. This fish may float at the bottom of the aquarium or float on any side. It gets reduction in the immunity level and ever-increasing chances for various diseases.     

The betta fish exhibits rapid swimming patterns when the water temperature is too high. You can notice that your fish moves around quickly and gets the fast metabolic functions. This negative change in the fish’s health causes it to age faster than usual. 

Any betta fish kept in warm water have a short lifespan than betta fish kept in the ideal temperature range. You have to use the thermometer at least once a day to check the temperature of the water. You can make adjustments if necessary and maintain the ideal temperature of water for betta fish to live in. 

Betta fish is very sensitive to quick temperature change. You have to change the water temperature in the slow way when you find the fish tank’s water is higher or lower than the normal. You can follow instructions to slowly adjust the water temperature and reach the temperature you want to give your fish a good chance of survival.