Want To Bring Your Pup On A Trip? Here’s A Guide On What You Need To Prepare

Want To Bring Your Pup On A Trip? Here’s A Guide On What You Need To Prepare

Want To Bring Your Pup On A Trip? Here's A Guide On What You Need To Prepare

Traveling with a puppy can be an exciting experience, but it also requires some planning ahead. Whether you're traveling across the country or just to your nearest airport, there are many things that need to be considered before you arrive at your destination. Below is a guide on how to prepare for bringing a puppy on a trip!

Pack a bag of dog food

You must bring a bag of puppy food with you when traveling by plane, train, or car. If the puppy is still eating puppy chow and does not need to eat right away then this should be no problem. 

Keep in mind that if the puppy gets hungry while flying he may end up scratching his way out of his carrier (that's why we recommend putting him under the seat) which will result in an unfortunate mess all over your clothes and shoes, messy! Make sure you bring enough so it lasts throughout travel time but doesn't go overboard because the puppy might only want one bite before deciding he doesn't like it anymore. 

If your puppy needs to eat right away then you must get puppy chow that is approved for travel. This means it doesn't need any refrigeration, can be single-serve, and isn't messy, bonus!

Bring your pup's favorite toys

It's important to have entertainment for the pup along the way. Bring your puppy's favorite toys because it will help keep them entertained on the car ride so they won't be too stressed out or anxious about where you are taking them to. Make sure that whatever toy you bring is suitable for their size and age, as well as appropriate for the length of time that they have to play with it before being allowed to take a break from playing with it.

Puppies also love chewing on things, which means bringing puppy-friendly chew toys along would be beneficial! Puppy-safe chews can provide great relief when puppies feel bored or tired during long trips without causing any harm to their health! Chewing objects helps relieve anxiety in dogs.

Get the right size leash and collar for your pup

The safety of your puppy is important when you travel with him. In order to ensure that he won't run out of the car, get a leash and collar that fits well so it will be comfortable for your pup as well as keeping him safe from getting hurt or running off during transit time.

Get collars made from soft materials but hold up against puppy chewing. You must ensure your leash is intact the whole trip to avoid having an accident. Like they say at travellingwithadog.com, you have to learn how to safely bring your dog with you on life’s adventures. Use a leash attached to a harness instead of attaching an ordinary leash around his neck which could strangle him if he gets spooked. Make sure the harness can handle pulling pressure too since it's not just about comfort but also safety.

Get the right leash and collar for your puppy's safe travel. Make sure you have all of these items before leaving on a trip. Before you take off, do a trial run.

Consider bringing a travel water bowl 

Your dog will be thirsty on the go, so you'll want to bring a water bowl when traveling. However, if your puppy is small enough that it can be carried in your hand or fits in your puppy's carrier bag without spilling out of his travel bowls then this isn't necessary.  If your puppy is too big to travel in your hand, but not large enough for his carrier bag, then consider this. 

Bring along a small first aid kit, just in case! 

A first aid kit is a must-have for puppy travel, no matter how short or long the trip is. It's always good to be prepared! In a first aid kit, you'll need puppy-safe painkillers and antihistamines because your pup is likely going to get into something that will make him uncomfortable at some point during your travels. Puppies are very curious creatures and they love to chew on things making them likely to eat something they shouldn't have. 

Here's a list of things to put into the first aid kit:

  • painkillers
  • antihistamines
  • cotton balls and swabs
  • anti-diarrheal medication
  • antibiotics
  • cream to relieve insect bites
  • eyewash solution

Keep an eye out for signs of sickness

You have to know the signs of puppy sickness to be able to help your puppy when he or she is sick. Before you head out on a trip with a puppy, it’s important that you know what the signs of puppy sickness are so you can take care of them before they get worse.

Watch out if they cough, if they aren't energetic as they usually are, if their tail is tucked, etc. You must learn every sign of a sick pup in order to take care of it. 

As you can see, it's possible to bring your pup along on your trips, but you need to be careful. Food and water must be brought along with a first-aid kit. Also, you must keep it on the leash because of the new environment and bring them entertainment so that they ignore new people and things they see. Learn how to tell if they're sick. Happy travel!