Top Things to Consider Before Having Electric Dog Fence

Top Things to Consider Before Having Electric Dog Fence

You must be caring for your pet, and this is why you keep on shopping around for the electric fence. But are you sure what are the features to look for? If this is happening with you, then you are not alone. You must be pondering on the question whether to get an in-ground fence or a wireless one. You must be also thinking about the levels of static correction you need.

The surfacing of all these facts, again and again, is a clear indicator that they are extremely important in the process of buying one. Having detailed answers to all these will help you to make an informed buying decision. Along with that, you will also end up buying Best invisible fence for dogs, a product that will be satisfactory enough.

Let’s find out some crucial things to consider when you are looking forward to buy an electric dog fence.

  •         What does the installation process entail?

Wireless systems are very quick and easy to set up – the best thing is that you can easily have them on and keep them running in less than an hour. For in-ground fences, you will have to dedicate more time as well as elbow grease for the installation.

Considering the area to be covered, it must take around 1-2 days. One important thing to keep in mind is that whether you choose any given type of electronic pet containment system, they can be easily used in conjunction with the above-ground fence.

  •         Range of area it can cover

The transmitter is the primary component or part that mainly determines the range of area the electric fence can cover. There are certain transmitters that can cover only 1 acre, while, on the contrary, some powerful ones can easily cover a range of 25 acres or even more. You can put an electric dog fence sign to ensure that the range is for others. Let’s have some considerations to make before you make your choices.

For in-ground systems:

  • These systems can cover areas between 5-100 plus acres of range
  • These systems can be customised irrespective of the size and shape you need
  • These systems can be used not just to keep the dog inside a given perimeter but they can also keep it out of limits areas like a garden, pool, and even flowerbed.
  • These systems are effective and work well for any given terrain or landscape area.

For wireless systems:

  • These systems are only limited or effective for smaller areas. The area is less than 5 acres.
  • Wireless systems are limited to boundaries that are circular in shape. So, if your yard is rectangular in shape, then this is not the best choice to consider.
  • Wireless systems also work quite well on steeply sloped landscapes in the properties with a wide range of obstructions like heavily wooded areas.

So, be sure to make your choice, after all, it is a matter of the safety of your pet, and you cannot let it happen easily.

  •         Features that come with the receiver

It is important to make sure that the receiver has some important features. Let’s check out the features that you must ask before buying one.

  • Durability – You must be aware of the tumbles and roughness of your dog while playing. Irrespective of the level, the collar should hold the dog throughout, and you must take this into consideration while comparing one system with another.
  • Waterproof – Waterproof feature suggests that the collar can be easily submerged into water for an extended span of time. There’s a difference between waterproofing and water resistance. The latter suggests that the collar can get wet, for example, when the dog is swimming in the rain. But merging it in the water for a long time will damage the product.

Apart from that, you must also enquire about whether the collar is compatible with some other system, does it have a safety time out, the use of disposable or rechargeable batteries, and low battery warning, etc. Another factor to consider is how big is the receiver unit and how much weight it can bear.

When it comes to making the right choice, it is best to rely on the recommendation of the manufacturers. It is because, in most of the cases, the recommendations of the manufacturers are valid and genuine as compared to the ones given by the people who have already used the product.

  •         How reliable is it?

This is indeed one of the most difficult questions to answer in a few lines. But no matter what, it is something very important that you need to consider before you buy an electric dog fence.

Cost is another important factor that one should keep in consideration. Make sure to know what comes with the kit and ask if there is any product that you need to buy separately other than the electric dog fence. Doing so will add additional charges on the purchase, and the price will increase. Remember that the options are innumerable, and you need to make the right decision based on your rationality.

For better help, you can visit the website of the seller and check out the features of the product and reviews from different clients who have already purchased the products. You can also get in touch with the customer service professionals in order to clear your queries.

It is always suggested to buy genuine products only from reputed vendors in order to get value for money. Never buy any random product and have enough considerations to make sure that the product suits your dog.