Top Gifts Ideas For Women

Top Gifts Ideas For Women

Top Gifts Ideas For Women

Birthday, anniversary, holiday, or just because—these picks will certainly wow.

Gift shopping may be challenging. What do they love? What do they not already own? Do they like to read? What are some of their favorite smells? 

Before you start wracking your brain for what to give the girl, we’ve rounded up the top 10 gift ideas for women of all kinds - from the amateur hairstylist to the traveler and the homebody to the wild and young at heart.

Here are choices for the gifts girls want in 2021, including some of the best stuff we've tested, best-selling products, and things our editors own, love, and recommend.

#1. Gifts for the total homebody

If you’re picking out gifts for a person who loves their home, get them something that’ll help them enjoy it. From cushions to creative decorative options and everything in between, these gifts are sure to make a homebody happier — and help them build their nest in style.

  • A touch-activated and soft ambient lighting table lamp will fit right in with any decor. It can help set the right mood for getting work done. And it can be a design statement. 
  • A custom body pillow is one of the most popular and versatile gifts. Perfect for curling up with a book, or watching a movie with friends and family, this supportive personalized body pillow will keep your beloved ones comfortable and well-rested. 
  • Contemporary candles are almost too pretty to light. Gift one or more to your design-loving bestie who will appreciate the way that these tapers shine — no candle holder required.

#2. Gifts for someone whose vice is travel

If a plane ticket is too costly, you can give the gift of an instant camera. It's compact, has a selfie mirror at the front, and is a fun addition to any trip. For the chic traveler, a beauty travel kit that contains 'can't-live-without' products for skin, hair, and make-up will be a lifesaver. 

One of the greatest ideas for travel lovers is an eco-wise scratch-off world travel map. It could easily become the highlight of the home interior. Reminding the visited countries and indicating the ones still left to explore, will inspire your beloved ones for future adventures.

#3. Gifts for anyone who need a good sleep

Sleep can be a powerful stress reducer or an uncomfortable challenge of endless tossing and turning. If your friend suffers from sleeplessness, they can appreciate a gift that helps them rest easily.

  • Pillow mists and sprays can help people fall asleep faster, sleep deeper. and wake up refreshed. The aromatherapeutic mixture of lavender, camomile or patchouli is a blissful combination to create an idyllic and dreamy sleeping environment. It won’t stain bedding, is easy to apply and smells wonderful – an essential addition to anyone’s sleep kit.
  • Perfect for sleep, snuggling, daytime strolling and bedtime rejuvenating, pajamas - especially those in silk - are perfect gifts to anyone. They usually come in with a wide variety of patterns and colors, made to suit many preferences, hitting the right notes from the classic to the modern romantic. Silk pajamas are thoughtful gifts, and you can never go wrong with giving one!

#4. Gifts for the eco-conscious consumer

It can be difficult shopping for an environmentally conscious friend.  But we've rounded a mini-collection of gifts that incorporate recycled materials and sustainable practices, and are sure to please.

  • tote bag is ideal for daily use, no matter what kind of errands or activities your friend gets up to.
  • There is a range of conscious beauty accessories handmade using natural and ethically sourced materials. Bamboo and cotton products will be proven to please your eco-conscious bestie and help them achieve a lower impact beauty routine while replacing less sustainable beauty and cosmetic products, such as disposable wet wipes and body sponges, with these beautiful alternatives.
  • The dental industry has a big plastic problem – from toothbrushes and toothpaste tubes to dental floss. The aim of plastic-free brushes is to create sustainable dental products which don’t compromise on quality.
  • Organic makeup and skincare labels are dedicated to transforming the way people use makeup, creating products that are not only non-toxic and GMO-free but also healing and nourishing. Organic and natural illuminating vegan matte lipstick or cruelty-free beauty box by brands like Medusa's Makeup are perfect gifts for your eco-conscious besties.

#5. Gifts for the meditative women

Alleviate the pain and discomfort that comes from long periods of sitting with a supremely comfortable set that includes a plush, supportive cushion and an optional base mat to help carve out a corner where she can tune into yourself and restore inner balance. Pick the cushion that is designed to be body-adaptive, with a memory foam top layer for added support and a heavy fill for balance.

#6. Gifts for the coffee lover

Coffee lovers are usually very particular about their coffee preferences — and even if you think yourself a little snobby about your own morning brew, picking a gift for someone else can be a challenge. Besides that, you don’t want to give them another grinder that won’t fit in their kitchen. But you do want to give a gift that’s still a useful, thoughtful contribution to their hobby, and something that will make their coffee-making routine easier, tastier, and more useful.

  • A cup of coffee is the ritual that starts the day. There's the sound of beans grinding, the toasted smell of brewing coffee is a part of the morning rite. If your bestie is coffee-obsessing, she might like a coffee subscription box. We've found that there's no major way to go wrong with these coffee subscriptions. They all offer great coffee and mail it to you at a regular cadence. 
  • The reusable, collapsible cup allows your friend to enjoy hot or cold beverages anywhere, anytime. Perfect for on-the-go, at home and all of life's stops in between. 
  • An espresso machine continues to be one of the best gift recommendations. Perfect for anyone looking for a legitimately high-end espresso maker that is well-made, loaded with features, and affordable.

#7. Gifts for the amateur hairstylist

Show the women you love that you are listening to them and give them a one-step hair-dryer and volumizer. She’ll silently thank you every time she blows dry her hair to perfection in under 10 minutes, no matter how thick a head of hair she has. This cult-favorite product has more than 180,000 reviews on Amazon, a staggering 144,460 of which are 5-star ratings.

Bottom Line

We all know that holidays are joyful, but sometimes it can also be challenging.

You know what I’m talking about. Gift shopping. 

“Oh, I don’t need anything,” your bestie says. But you know that isn’t true. Then there are your mother, aunts, co-workers and more. You could ask them what they want, and, if you’re really lucky, they’ll tell you exactly and you can go purchase it, but that takes all the romance out of the event and makes it pretty impersonal. 

We hope our guide to finding the perfect gift for all kinds of women was useful. It's worth mentioning that there are two goals to consider when giving someone a gift.

The first goal is to make the recipient happy. The second is to strengthen the relationship between the giver and the recipient. 

The fact underlines the importance of figuring out what your bestie/girl/mother/co-worker wants without directly asking. So in preparation for the holiday, grab a drink, sit down and have a conversation. Get to know each other. If done well, you’ll know exactly what brings her a gift - be it a decorative pillow or a grinder.