Top 8 Places to Go for your Bachelorette Party

Top 8 Places to Go for your Bachelorette Party

Top 8 Places to Go for your Bachelorette Party

Team Bride, gear up and prepare to celebrate with your best buddies! Not every bride dream of a demure tea party with finger food and classical music. If you really want to help your bestie to see off her single life in style, there’s no better way than a destination bachelorette. 

For most of 2020 and some of 2021, this was virtually impossible. However, with vaccination rates increasing and travel restrictions easing, it’s time to start planning an amazing bachelorette weekend in an incredible exotic destination. Here are 8 top destination ideas to get you started!

  • Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam has long been a favourite destination for brides to be. It has been the hub of partying and wild rendezvous for many decades now and hosting a bachelorette party here means that the party will get crazy for sure!

This city is safe and very friendly - it is well known for its somewhat controversial attractions, but the beauty of this place lies in the night life. The city is filled with pedestrians and cyclists, so it is a healthy escape from cars and other loud vehicles. Best of all - in the morning you can recover with delicious Dutch pancakes and rich coffee. 

  • Cabo San Lucas, Mexico 

It is time to grab your girl gang and celebrate the bride to the fullest in Cabo – this means it is time for dining on delicious tacos, sipping divine margaritas, and flaunting matching sombreros. Enjoy the renowned beaches, hot spring destinations, and the rich nightlife of Cabo.  The pristine beaches and luxurious resorts await! 

  • Barcelona, Spain 

Barcelona is the go-to place for a fun girls’ trip - especially when the stakes are this high. This city is renowned for its food, culture, architecture, and night life. Relax and unwind at the beaches under the summer sun and get rid of all the city toxicity at lush spa centers in the afternoon before heading out to enjoy the fantastic night life! 

  • Hvar, Croatia

This sun-soaked and historic island easily ranks top of any bachelorette party destinations list. Hvar has been named the “most happening” island in all of Adriatic which translates into the coolest party spot.

You’ll relax on a majestic coast, sipping chilled margaritas, while being mesmerized by the azure sea. Hvar boasts picture-perfect beaches where the sun shines like a diamond on 1,100 miles of coastline, as well as lush green slopes and strings of charming towns. 

  • Turks and Caicos 

Turks and Caicos is like partying in paradise. The palm trees and white sand beaches are perfectly complemented by the upscale resorts are perfect for a fun-filled bachelorette party. This is one of those destinations where you would not have to worry about one thing; book an all-inclusive package and you are set for the rest of your trip. Nothing is better than pool boys serving trendy drinks in swanky cabanas around the pool! 

  • Ibiza, Spain

You are looking to party hard, you can’t go past Ibiza. But don’t worry, your Ibiza bachelorette party does not have to be all drunken shenanigans and wild nightclubs. You could all have an amazing time with the bride-to-be in the party capital of the world.

Ibiza’s picturesque landscape is famous for its divine beaches, with crystalline waters along a warm shore. You and all the girls can explore the ancient streets and unravel the mysteries of Atlantis together. It will truly be a bonding trip for you all! 

  • Prague, Czech Republic 

This place is the perfect mix of ravishing daytime sightseeing and vivid nightlife. This historic city is the easiest choice when it comes to having a fancy bachelorette party. Marvel at the beautiful architecture and the cityscapes and enjoy the phenomenal night life. Relish the amazing in-house beers and dine on fancy food in luxurious clubs and bars. 

  • Milan, Italy 

Milan may be the fashion capital of the world, but people also know how to party here! They also know how to plan a bachelor party that will leave your guests in awe. Pack your most stylish outfits and withdraw all your savings, because here in Milan, you will be partying in style. Brunches and afternoon sightseeing will keep you engaged in exploring this remarkable city. At night you can enjoy the best time that luxurious nightclubs have to offer.  Love is always in the air here, so book a royal treatment for your girls and party like never before!

What Happens At a Bachelorette Party Stays at the Bachelorette Party! 

Wherever you go, don’t forget to have loads of fun! Stay up all night, visit clubs and bars, be intrepid, and cross everything on your bucket list. Planning a destination bachelorette weekend is always fun and exciting - there is simply no end to the Bachelorette Party Games and shenanigans. Celebrate your best friend’s most special moments in the perfect destination. 

So, before you start packing your bathing suits, tiaras, and inflatable drink floats, choose an exciting bachelorette party destination. Whether you are looking for poolside naps, margaritas, and tacos by the sea, or you plan to dance away the night at a rave, these top 8 places to go for your bachelorette party cater to all preferences!