Top 7 Interior Design Trends That Are Going To Be Popular In 2022

When was the last time you visited the house of a friend and colleague and were blown away by their interiors? If you are reading this article, chances are that the incident happened in the recent past!

Having a home that is modeled according to the personality of its inhabitants is something all of us aspire for. In other words, interior design is all about expressing your individuality. The home becomes a canvas on which you paint and beautify what you hold dearest. 

In this article, we are going to look at the top seven interior design trends that are going to be popular in 2022. If you are someone that is looking to remodel your home in the next few months, stick around till the end of the article. 

The Importance of Interior Design For Homes: By Experts

There is no doubt that interior design is an important aspect of our lives. Anyone that is looking at home remodeling often wants to create a space that is lined with the latest design trends. 

Families that love traveling, have sections that display the various artifacts they have collected on their journeys. Likewise, families that are into sports, have game rooms and sports memorabilia that adorn their walls. 

When it comes to following interior design trends, you do not want to be executing a theme that is passé! If you are looking at investing in interior design for your home, you are looking at a substantial expenditure. 

You would want to ensure that the theme or design you are executing stays relevant and contemporary for at least the next five years. In other words, this is not something that you would want to be investing in every year. 

Apart from the costs, getting work done inside the house is always a lot of trouble for the inhabitants. Noises, coordination, and safety are major concerns that families have whenever interior design projects are going on. 

List of the Top 7 Interior Design Trends that are going to be Popular in 2022

In this section, we take help from leading atlanta interior designers, Sharon Falcher and Sherica Maynard. They help take us through the seven interior design trends- 

  1. Neutral Colour Palettes will be preferred- 

Given all the trouble that the pandemic has inflicted on us, everyone wants to experience a sense of calm. 

Neutral color palettes are going to become popular, especially as they lend a sense of serenity and soothing calmness to interior spaces. They also help in creating the optical illusion of larger and more open spaces. 

Lastly, the way natural and artificial lights reflect off neutral tones and impart brightness is one reason this theme will be pursued. This color tone and the scheme also reflects a lot of maturity and responsibility. 

  1. The Home Office will become a Permanent Feature- 

Many leading interior designers have pointed out that the home office is going to be a permanent fixture in many homes. 

With remote working not going away anytime soon, families are looking at bigger homes, that have defined and designated spaces for home offices. This space can be a reflection of the individual’s personality type. 

You can add elements and things that can help you feel and look professional. You can also mix and match this as a study. Using the office/study as your personal space with books can add overall warmth. 

  1. Rounded Furniture will continue being popular- 

The year 2021 saw rounded furniture making a strong comeback. From sofa sets to coffee tables, families and designers started preferring rounded furniture. 

According to experts, this trend is expected to walk successfully into 2022 as well. Rounded furniture looks classy, sophisticated and has been scientifically proven to improve engagement and communication between human beings. 

Furniture without corners pushes for a more feminine and aesthetic personality to the overall interior design. This helps in creating an attractive aura. 

  1. Minimalism will attract a lot of followers- 

In recent years, the demand for open and free spaces that are accentuated by light and air has grown exponentially. This has given rise to the trend of ‘Minimalism’ in interior design. 

Using furniture and spaces that would be used functionally and abandoning what is not required forms the basis of minimalism. You need to remember that minimalism is closely related to color palettes. 

Warm earthy tones, airy whites, and off-creams look best in a minimal setting. This also reflects the head and heart space of the inhabitants of the home. 

  1. Taking Inspiration from Nature and integrating the same in design-

Being locked up in our homes during the pandemic has made many of us sit up and appreciate the natural outdoors. 

This has led to many families looking at ways and means of incorporating natural elements in interior design. This helps in bringing positivity, allowing for freshness, and creating a healthy vibe in interior spaces. 

However, you need to make sure that the plants you have in the house are being watered and drained properly. If you do not take care of this, you might have moist walls and damp furniture in no time. 

  1. Push for Combined Spaces and Private Areas in homes- 

The home no longer serves just one purpose. In the last few years, it has become everything from a gym to a yoga studio, work office, and more. 

This is forcing families to create combined spaces that blend a living area with dining and open kitchens. The need for privacy has also been felt. 

This is pushing interior designers to maintain a fine balance between creating combined spaces for family time, as well as partitions that help with maintaining privacy. Invariably, it is the family living room that has been responsible for space allocations. 

  1. Using Sustainable and Recycled Materials in Interior Design- 

Most of us have become conscious of how we have been exploiting and abusing our planet. This has changed my thinking as far as interior design is concerned as well. 

Environmentally conscious families want to use sustainable and recycled materials in their home décor. Families are opting for designs that are aimed at reducing carbon footprint, saving energy, and choosing non-toxic materials. 

This is likely to grow in the coming years as well. Interior designers are using eco-friendly materials in home interior designs like wood and jute. 

The Bottom Line

Everyone wants their home to stand out and reflect their personality. One important element that families should not lose sight of is the fact that interior design should combine both form and function. The home is a usable space that requires efficiency. Additionally, if it looks great, it helps in improving its valuation in the market. 

Do you think some additional design trends can be added to the list above? Let us know if we have missed out on any in the comments section below.