There Are Better Choices For T-shirt Printing

There Are Better Choices For T-shirt Printing

There Are Better Choices For T-shirt Printing!

A lot of businesses think that custom printed t-shirts might suit other industries or businesses but not their own. In fact, vinyl t-shirt printing is a great means of advertising for many types of business, smaller to larger, in most industries. Use them as giveaway prizes to reward loyalty, as casual staff uniforms, support a local school sporting team and so on. But what a lot of people do not know is that there are better shirt choices depending on what they are going to be used for so here is a closer look.

You need to choose the right shirt weight

The right shirt is neither too heavy nor too light. A heavy shirt is something that people might not want to wear if it is one to be worn in the summer. It is going to make people sweat more, hang heavy on them and become uncomfortable. It is also not going to breathe as well so your skin is not getting the circulation of air it needs when the days are warm. For example, if you are having shirts made for your employees and you run a lawn service, shirts that are too heavy could cause them to slow down, become less productive and impact their health when they are trying to do physical work in the sun.

On the other hand, when wanting t shirt design Singapore located you might not want to choose something too light in certain situations. They might be cheap but they tend to be lower quality so people might wear it once and then get rid of it, or it just does not last after a couple of washes. The kind of shirts you choose also says something about you as a business, choosing something really cheap does not reflect well on you or your brand. Preferably you want something that weighs more than 4oz but not as much as 6oz. If you are designing something for winter wear the heavier end of the weight could go up more as people will want something warm.

Getting the colour right

The colours you want to use in your design are important because they affect the type of printing you should use and then the cost of the Singapore shirt printing. Some printing does better on lighter colours shirts, white, yellow, light grey but is harder on dark shirts like black, navy and so on. But people do tend to like darker shirts because they go better with a variety of shorts, jeans, skirts and so on. So whether you want to pay for that extra cost is up to you. The extra cost comes from requiring an undercoat in a lighter colour before they can print the design on.

Think about the style of shirt

Another consideration when it comes to choosing the right shirt for printing is what style of shirt best suits your needs. Do you want long sleeves or short? Collar or no collar? V-neck or round? Pocket or no pocket? Printing on a pocket is harder and will cost you more for t shirt design, Singapore. Think about what style suits your business, when it is to be worn and who you want to wear it.