Struggling To Contain Your Children’s Mess At Home? Here’s What To Do

Struggling To Contain Your Children’s Mess At Home? Here’s What To Do

Struggling To Contain Your Children's Mess At Home? Here's What To Do 

If you have young children at home or around, then you must be tired of seeing their rooms remain messy even after nagging them countless times. Kids simply don't seem to want to change their habits! Their rooms get dirty, and it's tiresome to keep after them all the time.

Parenting is all about providing guidance and setting proper boundaries for your kids to fall in line with. So, certain rules apply across the board regardless of how old or young they are. Do you have kids that are just dying to leave a mess everywhere in your house when they come around? Do your children tend to break things when they play with them accidentally? Well, if this sounds like a familiar story for you, then here's what you must do. 

Try to contain their stuff

You can use storage containers for your children's rooms to keep the mess in check. No matter how messy their rooms get, you'll know that at least some of the clutter is contained within these containers. You might even want to separate all their toys according to whether they're meant for indoor playing or outdoor play, for example. As seen on simplymumma.com.au,  this approach will help your kids stay organized as well as learn how to clean up after themselves. This will help them learn how to control themselves better and not just leave a trail of chaos everywhere they go.

Get children involved in cleaning up

Kids tend to love playing with toys and other objects at home. They like using them to pretend to play all sorts of characters and stories in their imaginative world! However, you'd be surprised at how quickly kids can get bored of these items once they lose interest in them. When this happens, you must get your children involved in cleaning up the mess that they've left behind. Kids are very good at doing their chores, so don't be afraid to push them towards doing their share of the work as well.

Clearly state your rules and boundaries

The reason why kids just love leaving messes around is that they think that it's not their responsibility. So, you must let them understand what the boundaries are, and then you must ask them to abide by those rules. You will have to take a proactive approach here and ask them to keep their rooms clean at least once a week, for example. If you see your children breaking things now and again when they play with things carelessly, make sure that you discipline them immediately. Kids need clear guidelines as to what behavior is acceptable in your house.

Follow through on enforcing the rules

Your rules don't work simply because you want them to! The moment your child leaves a mess somewhere, you must follow through on enforcing your rules. So, if this is an important rule for you, don't let it slide the first few times that your child messes up. Of course, if it's a minor issue like leaving one sock in their room because they forgot to put it away after changing (yup, this has happened before), then feel free to give them a warning or two. The main idea here is to make sure that your kids understand what's expected of them.


Understand their behavior

If your kids tend to use a lot of energy, then they might not like their rooms remaining neat. In such cases, you will not be able to keep asking them to keep their rooms clean; it just won't work! So, instead, find some other way for them to burn the excess energy. Do they like meeting new people and playing with strangers at home? If so, you can enroll them in an art class or something similar. Kids thrive best when they have the freedom to express themselves in various ways. Make sure that you give your children plenty of opportunities so that taking up messy habits doesn't become their preferred choice of action. 

Tackle the underlying issues together with them

As mentioned before, children often leave messes because they don't think it's important to keep their houses clean. So, you must try and find out the reason behind this behavior together with them. Is it because they're overwhelmed at school? Does this stem from insecurity over something in their lives? There are many underlying reasons behind leaving a trail of mess everywhere that you will have to figure out as a parent. When you know why your kids act up like this, then you will be able to help them better. 


Family time is precious to everyone, and it should never be taken for granted. So, make sure to spend some quality time with your family while teaching them life's most important lessons. If you apply these useful tips to your house, then you will find that the people living there end up being more responsible and respectful of one another.