Rocking the Organic Look

Rocking the Organic Look

Rocking the Organic Look

As the leaves start turning to a shade of orange and the air grows colder, with a new season comes a new wardrobe and look. Fall is all about the transition of the warm summer heat to the cozy cool winter air and what better way to express this with how you dress. Maybe pair a winter piece with something summery, wear a nice shade of burgundy and yellow. With all these clothing options you’ll want to be buying some new clothes you might be conscious of your environmental impact when you buy new ones. However, this can easily be alleviated by getting organic cotton clothing.

Organic cotton is an eco-friendlier alternative to regular cotton clothing clothes. While the end product might be not as distinguished as regular cotton, it has a lesser carbon footprint and is sustainable. Here are some reasons to consider switching over to organic cotton clothes.

  • Sustainable Clothing

Organic cotton is raised and grown in compliance to organic agricultural standards. Cotton is just one of the many types of organic material that clothes can be made of, other examples can be linen and silk. 

Organic cotton doesn’t use any pesticides but instead uses natural ones which reduces the water usage by upwards of 80% and requires less energy to produce compared to mass produced cotton. This makes any clothes made of them sustainable significantly reducing our own impact on the environment, while keeping up with the latest fashion trends

  • Quality Reduces Waste

Any of good and proper quality will last a long time. There would be no question to the quality of organic cotton as they were made with time and care for the environment in mind. The clothes will last a long time and be more sustainable for the environment should one find need to dispose them.

Being free of any harmful chemicals ensures that during the decomposition process of the clothing component, no harmful substance gets decomposed to the earth. In fact, it would be more beneficial as it’s a clean product that can make earth healthier

  • Gentle on the Skin

As stated before, the cotton seeds aren’t genetically modified and pesticides are opted out of the growing process. This prevents any possible chemical retention the plant might have as we do away with any dangerous and toxic chemicals. 

This prevents rashes from forming and would greatly benefit consumers who have sensitive skin. Some people may have skin allergies due to chemical sensitivity making regular clothing somewhat risky. With organic clothes, they can be free of those worries. It feels better and even in some cases have a fresher scent than the usual clothes.

  •  Generates Awareness

Wearing organic clothing can help generate awareness to the environment as we can help other consumers and population be more aware and act as responsible citizens as we move towards a more sustainable lifestyle and environment. Wearing these clothes can serve as a reminder or a sign to strive for an overall healthier lifestyle and be more cost efficient in the future. 

The road to clean and healthy living is a hard one, let alone trying to integrate it to one’s life if they are unfamiliar with it. Fashion nowadays has been looking for more sustainable and greener alternative for clothing production and organic fabric is just one of them. Working towards a future where all clothes are organic and natural might be far but you can contribute to it by starting your own organic wardrobe. Just make sure to dispose or donate your extra clothes so they wont go to waste. Start with slaying the look while saving the environment.