Imitation jewelry that looks OG

Imitation jewelry that looks OG

Imitation jewelry that looks OG

These days, bridal wedding jewellery is one of the biggest investments that you will make for your wedding day. While most brides prefer gold jewellery or diamond jewellery, people are also getting smarter these days. Brides nowadays think that buying artificial jewellery will save their money that they can either spend on other parts of their wedding. So, if you are a bride and your big day is nearing, consider wearing artificial jewellery

If you take a deeper look at the market, artificial jewellery is no longer tacky, plastic rip-offs of designer pieces. Since the demand for imitation has gone up, it has a universe of its own with stunning designs and craftsmanship. The collection that you get on artificial jewellery is so high that you will be able to find the unique piece that you want to pair with your bridal lehenga

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With destination weddings being quite common, carrying fine wedding jewellery isn’t always recommended. Why take the risk when these brilliant artificial jewellery pieces can replace gold jewellery without compromising on the look and feel! In this blog, we want to make sure that your bridal jewellery looks as real as possible with some easy tips to choose them.

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Go for small stones:

Now that you have decided to go with artificial jewellery for your big day, look for wedding jewellery that will make your whole ensemble look real. Big stones might look attractive at first but they won't do justice to the look that you are going for. Choose small studded stones rather than going for big stones as they will make your artificial jewellery look more real. 

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Glass stones over uncut stones:

Many artificial jewellery brands use transparent glass, which can make your bridal jewellery look very fake. A good necklace design will use uncut stones like a topaz to mimic the look of the original jewels. There is not much difference between them, the only thing that differentiates them is that one has facets giving it a very genuine look-alike quality while the flat glass doesn’t look real!

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Quality over quantity:

This is something that you have to prioritize while you are selecting your artificial jewellery. Just because it is more affordable, you don't have to get more of them. Always remember to pick the best brand for your imitation wedding jewellery because your wedding day is not the only time that you are going to be wearing them. Cheap-quality jewellery like metal bangle design and necklace set will not only look artificial but also irritate you throughout your wedding functions. Check them by their edges, the back, and the hooks.

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Always put silver over anything else:

When you go for a cheap metal alloy instead of a gold-plated silver artificial jewellery, You are making sure that your ensemble looks artificial. Like our experts have already emphasized, silver with gold plating is one of the best choices you can make for your bridal jewellery. It can be expensive than mass-manufactured pieces but looks real and lasts longer, which is what our goal is!

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Choose them for your non-statement pieces:

It is normal to feel not so confident about wearing artificial jewellery for your important functions. In that case, you can go ahead and buy real statement pieces such as a necklace set, mangalsutra, or your main bridal earrings. Go for imitation wedding jewellery for your smaller pieces like Bangle design, anklets, earrings for smaller functions, maang tikkas, Matha Patti, etc. Typically the smaller accessories are not as visible, and hence they won’t catch the eye and will look quite real when worn as well.

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Check the finishing touches:

Check for the finishing touches on the artificial jewellery that you have chosen, as it will decide how real do your wedding jewellery looks. While choosing your bridal jewellery, make sure that the wedding jewellery is not faded or chipped because when the finishing on your artificial jewellery is solid, it will automatically make it look more real. You are going to be wearing the necklace set and bangle design under a lot of lights, check the tonality of the shade in the daylight to make sure that it looks real enough to wear for a day function as well. 

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Minute details matter:

While you are picking your stoned wedding jewellery, you have to ensure that you are picking them with excellent quality zircons only. Creating a diamond lookalike is hard, so anything less than that will instantly look fake. 

Paying attention to details is the most important task that makes picking artificial jewellery for brides a difficult task, they have to make sure that it doesn’t look fake and always keep an eye out for the finish of the product. Good quality imitation jewellery will use the same kind of closures that real wedding jewellery has. The hook or the locking setting will be much more premium than light strings that usually cheap imitation jewellery has. 

Imitation jewellery is available in a wide range of designs and styles – which means that there is a choice for every bride. They can be made-to-order or they can be bought off the shelf. The affordability factor makes it easy to buy different sets of imitation bridal jewellery for different events to go with chosen outfits. They are easy on your pocket and make you look stunning, at every event.

Theft is a common reason why many families prefer that the bride wears imitation wedding jewellery on her D-day. With artificial and fashion jewelry there are no such issues. Even if they are stolen you can always heave a sigh of relief that you are bereft of inexpensive wedding jewellery items. Also, when you wear real metallic jewels, you are always conscious of them getting lost or being misplaced. With artificial jewellery, you can relax and go with the flow of the event on your marriage day. 

Check the weight of that necklace set that you are buying. You don’t want to pick pieces that weigh a ton for your sangeet night. Have a clear plan before you choose anything, planning to pick a diamond set? See how it photographs under a flashlight. Pieces that may look nice may photograph tacky, which is something we never want. If you are looking at buying enamel artificial jewellery, check the quality of enamel carefully. You want to avoid chipping and undone pieces at all costs. You may also want to have a look at complete guide on choosing the wedding decoration for your big day.