Ideas For Celebrating Your Partner’s Birthday

Ideas For Celebrating Your Partner’s Birthday

Ideas For Celebrating Your Partner’s Birthday

Covid-19 has caged everyone in their house. But with time, the restrictions are lifted slowly. Are you trying to figure out how to surprise your partner on their special day with the pandemic around?

I will make things easy for you as I bring some cool ideas to win their hearts. Let not coronavirus ruin the celebration as we break the monotonous life that has been imposed on us.

Bake THE Cake Together


Why not try to bake a delicious cake for your partner? Make some memories to cherish for your lifetime. Pick out an easy online recipe if you are not good at baking. Bake the cake with all your love. No matter how it turns out, your partner is going to appreciate your effort. Also, if you love cooking, show your culinary skills and surprise your partner with a scrumptious dinner. Make memories to last a lifetime.

Go On For An Escape Room

If your partner loves adventure, then try exploring themed escape rooms. They have some cool birthday party places which will give a Sherlock-like experience. This is the right time to spend a day with your partner locked in a room, solving the puzzles not just to come out together winning but also to build on your trust in each other. You can book an escape room for two people

Are you worried about the covid? Do not stress yourself out as most escape rooms have strict covid-safety measures in place just like this escape room that I found while searching for ‘escape room games’, on my trip to Perth, last month. 

Arrange a Movie Night

Bring back the memories of retro movie nights and take the celebration to old school. You can put the setup in your living room or the garden outside. Arrange the pillows and lit the area with lamps and fairy lights. Be sure to pick your partner’s favourite wine and pair it with an impressive dinner.

Go Trekking Together

Exploring various trekking points together can be an unforgettable experience. Walking amidst nature while exploring the terrains and taking all the challenges together is what strengthens your relationship. Gear yourself and your partner to experience a birthday full of adventures. Let it be a different birthday experience this time, building on your partnership.

A perfect celebration need not always be spent lavishly in high-end restaurants. There are other ways in which one can plan strategically to make their special one feel special. With all the uncertain things going around the world, these small gestures of love and care and moments of normalcy can bring enough happiness to your partner. Go all out and give your partner the best birthday to remember forever.