How To Plan Your First Solo Trip Post-Pandemic

How To Plan Your First Solo Trip Post-Pandemic

How To Plan Your First Solo Trip Post-Pandemic

Travel is not the same post-pandemic despite the country-wide vaccine rollouts and lower infection rates. Although Canadians are apprehensive about embracing wanderlust again, it will happen sooner or later. As long as you take precautions and follow the rules, you need not worry about safety. You can even plan a solo trip to reset your mental wellness and get rid of negative emotions. Although flying alone in the new normal sounds daunting, it is possible to chase the dream without worrying a lot. Here are some actionable tips on planning your first solo vacation post-pandemic. 

Let go of apprehension

If apprehension about traveling (even more, going solo) seems to hold you back, it is time to let go and plunge. The virus shouldn’t keep you from exploring the world. You only need to be ready to give it a fight. Start by getting your jabs before going ahead. Know all the essential precautions and commit to following them. Give up the fear of loneliness, and see traveling alone as an eye-opening experience. You will want to fly right now!

Research a lot 

Before planning your holiday, check the destinations on your bucket list and pick the safest. You cannot decide randomly because it requires a lot of research to understand the current status of the virus there. If things seem to be under control, you can book your flight without second thoughts. Research the ideal flight timings and consider the low-traffic slots. Find more about accommodation options, whether they have virus-safety protocols in place.

Focus on staying safe even before you board

Safety should be your top priority, and you must do the needful even before you board. Even as public transport seems to be the best way to commute to the airport, drive in your own vehicle. Parking wouldn’t be a problem, even if you have to take a flight from a busy terminal like Calgary. You can book Calgary airport hotel parking online, and it will be waiting for you when you reach. It is a small price to pay for avoiding the virus in a bus or cab, so don’t skimp on this expense. 

Take other solo-travel safety precautions

Apart from the virus-safety measures, do not go slack with the regular solo-travel precautions. Opt for a low-crime destination and avoid exploring lonely places at odd hours. Stay at a safe accommodation in the center of the town. Avoid flaunting expensive stuff, and do not get too friendly with strangers. Stay alert at all times, and you can have a good time without compromising personal safety.

Talk to other solo travelers

You may have traveled alone before, but things will be different this time. Talking to other solo travelers who have already been there is a good idea. They can share some helpful insights about making the best of your vacation without stressing about safety risks. If you cannot connect personally, seek advice online because there are plenty of reliable resources around. 

Your first solo trip in the new normal can be exhilarating, but you need to make conscious choices. Pick the right destination, flight, mode of airport commute, and accommodation. Follow the guidelines and pack wisely, and you are all set for a good time.