How Can you Look Best at the Beach?

How Can you Look Best at the Beach?

How Can you Look Best at the Beach?

Summer style is a state of mind and looking stylish on the beach has never been easier. The dazzling blue waters, warm summer air, and the tropical white sand beaches in Mexico are the perfect backdrop for your summer getaway. A few trending pieces of clothing and accessories and you are ready to hit the tropical beaches of Mexico looking stylish and feeling amazing.

If you are headed to the beaches of Mexico, we’ve got some great beach outfit ideas for you, so you’re sure to look stylish on the beach and enjoy the summer vibes of paradise.

If you think about it, beachwear is one of the most versatile categories in fashion and one of everyone’s favorites because it’s comfortable, sexy, sassy, colorful, and easy and you will look great on the beach Another great thing about summer fashion is that it is lightweight and takes up less room in your suitcase. That means you can pack more!

Do you want to look classically chic, boho, young, or sexy? Depending on your mood or activity, you can be all!

Even if you’ll be spending most of your days lounging by the beach, you’ll probably do some sightseeing, water sports, and shopping too, so you´ll want some cute beach outfits that are comfortable, practical, and versatile, yet sure to make you look stylish on the beach.

If you’re traveling with the family or on a romantic getaway, you’ll definitely want a dressy beach outfit for fine dining with the family or for a romantic beach date by candlelight.

Here are our trending tips of how to look stylish on the beach during your getaway to paradise:

Beach Vacation Look

The perfect beach vacation look of elegance, sexiness, and style starts at the top and works its way down. Here’s what’s trending now from the luxurious beaches of Mexico to the Caribbean and exotic beaches of Bali.

Step onto the beautiful beaches of Mexico looking great and feeling great in a wide brim hat, full-frame sunglasses, an exotic kimono beach cover-up, sleek bathing suit or bikini, oversized natural woven tote bag, and fabulous slip-on sandals. With these simple pieces, your beach look will be complete.

Summer Bikini

Your bikini will be your vacation staple, which is why it’s good to pack a few. A classic black bikini will make you feel elegant and sophisticated while sipping cocktails on your beach lounge chair.

You’ll probably be doing some fun water sports and activities on your vacation, so a sporty and playful bikini is in order…go for a bold and colorful tropical print that’s trending now for a bit of beach theme. Invest in bikinis this summer that can also double as a top to be worn with a sarong and you’ve got another cute outfit to wear.

High-waisted bikini bottoms can give a fun retro bikini look that is also great for water activities and plus-size body shapes for comfort and sophistication. Above all, you want a cute bikini that will make you feel confident and beautiful.

Beach Cover Up

You have your bikinis selected, now you need a cute beach cover-up This is where you can have fun making a stylish statement with your beach outfit. Go bohemian chic with a gorgeous print kimono or kaftan, or playful with a bright and colorful sarong, which can be tied and worn in a variety of fun skirts to dress styles or the classic oversized button-down top.

Feel sexy and stylish when you walk from your luxury hotel room to the beach or Rooftop bar to grab another refreshing cocktail. Embrace the beauty of your surroundings and make your style statement.

We always love the classic oversized button-down shirt for a loose and breezy vibe in crisp white linen paired with an oversized rustic straw tote and a glamorous wide-brim hat, with a string bikini underneath. You’ll have an effortless, yet incredibly chic beach look.

These are all great options to quickly throw over your swimsuit and also can double as accessories over a cute outfit paired with strappy sandals and stackable gold bracelets to complete your look.

Friendly advice: Take the food you need with you

Packing food for the beach is a little tricky. You could wing it and pack whatever is in your fridge, but…you’re kind of rolling the dice if you go that route. After all, you’ve got a bunch of different factors to consider with beach foods like the heat, cooler space, whether you actually feel like packing utensils, messiness, and sand, which has the amazing ability to end up practically everywhere. Keep some emergency food for your best.