From Black Prejudice To Black Pride: The Evolution Of Black Fashion

'My melanin makes you uncomfortable, Good!’

When talking about comebacks to questionable comments, I think this is the best one I have heard to date, and my first reaction was,

‘Someone should put that on a t-shirt.’

It was a delight to see that someone actually did.

Black pride clothing is not just about flaunting the melanin; it is the beauty and genius of taking age-old prejudices and turning them into pride. Plus, it is also about adding a sprinkle of that black fashion history into this modern touch of cultural appreciation.

So, in tribute to the rich culture and heritage, I would like to give all the Karens a not so honorable mention and a piece of advice.

‘Let them mind their melanin and you mind your scrutiny!’

In this article, we are going to explore some of the most notable examples of black culture on fashion and style trends. If you are interested in exploring black culture through fashion, you should stick around till the end of the article.

The Rich Culture Of Black Fashion 

When it comes to black pride, it is not just about the apparel. Nowadays, the youth are also embracing black appearances to show respect for their rich culture.

Whether it is our favorite Lizzo flaunting her butterfly afro in the music video ‘My Skin’ or Colin Kaepernick symbolic protest by kneeling with his wild afro during the national anthem at the peak of ‘Black Lives Matter movement, you can’t deny that the world has begun its journey to a satisfying evolution when it comes to intolerance towards racism.

From Faux locks to cornrow braids to Havana twists to hoop earrings to oversized hip-hop clothing trends [I can go on and on], this community is finding power in all the modern black pride clothing.

In recent years, black pride clothing has become a symbol used by African-Americans to proudly showcase their culture. This is not just something that is being promoted by African-Americans but by different racial ethnicities that are supporting the rights and freedom of these groups.

Modern Fashion Trends With Black Roots

For years we have seen black fashion with a different perspective. In the opposing corner of yesteryears, they have either been ostracized, looked at with a ‘wild’ eye of scrutiny, or simply ignored. This kind of social behavior has led them to adapt more to the traditionally dominating ‘white’ fashion trends.

So, this is to all the Karens before they bad an eye towards black fashion. Were you aware that these modern trends were first sensualized by a black designer?

Necklace With Name 

The bewilderment is shared! Who knew something so common, like a scripted necklace, was originally crafted from the minds of black ethnicity. Although, this was less of a fashion and more of a tool for protest.

Black ethnic names can be a little difficult to pronounce, and people of the race have always faced backhanded racial comments for this. So, it was a collective decision to proclaim black pride and dignity to wear the nameplate around their neck.


Logomania is the art of printing certain logos repetitively. This style statement has become a trend too close to home, with high-end brands like ‘Gucci’ and ‘Louis Vuitton’ adapting this for their brand name in almost everything.

It was our very own Harlem Boutique owner Dapper Dan from Annie who popularized this artwork. Streetwear found its limelight holding this character’s hand, who used to put together knockoff logos in such mannerism for hip hop artists.

It seems like the black community is the real player when it comes to expressing themselves through the prints of their clothing. More respect to black pride clothing!

Anything Hip-Hop 

Hip-hop as art was an accompanying agent to a few record-breaking trends. This upbeat rap music genre was the ethnicity’s proud brainchild, and the world couldn't help but adopt most of its elements.


Some of the popular ones are loose-fitted sweatshirts, hoodies, and pants paired with hoop earrings and sneakers.

Yes, we know that these clothing items and accessories have been in the picture for a long time before hip-hop gained its popularity. But, it was the rap artists who made these a fashion trend, religiously followed even today.

With these, we can come to the safe conclusion that the origin of vogue elements and accessories which have been a part of our closet for centuries remained unambiguous because of our ignorance. It's high time we give black pride clothing the name and honor they deserve.

What Is Modern Black Pride Clothing 

Modern black pride clothing isn't about subtly flaunting your ethnicity through your accessories; it is about going All Black and Hella Proud!

The surge of modern activism made us realize that their fight is not just about the serious violence against them. It is also about every backhanded comment they receive at a grocery line, or every cultural appropriation which romanticizes their struggle and oppression throughout the years, or the casual black prejudiced stereotypes.

It is about everything that makes them feel socially unacceptable and gives them the feel of an outsider.

Their fortitude and genius have made them turn these prejudices into weapons, and they are as sharp as their perseverance to make a mark in this world.

The new black fashion clothing is all about expressing the power of revolution over the concealment of one’s identity in fear. Fear of being treated differently for one's skin color. So, to all the people speaking loudly against these derogatory societal actions towards your ethnicity, more power to you all. You are the ones influencing, promoting, and empowering.

Black Fashion Matters

With the recent uprising of this movement, several things are coming to our attention, which was hidden by authority or our ignorance before. The first step of understanding the wrongdoings faced by others is to understand our own privilege first. Hence, that should be the goal!

Additionally, with all the new black pride clothing, the anti-racist slogan graphite has become a record-breaking sensation now, and we are confidently more excited than ever! This has opened up certain great avenues for expressing freedom, history, and culture.