CBD And Pets: 3 Simple Ways To Calm Your Dog’s Anxiety

CBD And Pets: 3 Simple Ways To Calm Your Dog’s Anxiety

CBD And Pets: 3 Simple Ways To Calm Your Dog's Anxiety

Anxiety is one of the many problems that dogs often face throughout their lifespan. It's a serious problem that can lead to numerous adverse effects and may even be life-threatening. For one, dogs suffering from anxiety typically have a shorter lifespan than those who don't. It also makes them more susceptible to diseases, so they get sick more severely and frequently.  

The worst part is that there are several ways dogs can develop anxiety. These include traveling, loud noises, being around unfamiliar people, or the fear of being alone or apart from the owner.  

Thankfully, there are all sorts of remedies for canine or dog anxiety. One particular remedy that you've probably heard of before is cannabidiol (CBD). 

If that's what you're here for, then you're in luck. Read on as this article talks about three ways you can treat dog anxiety with CBD.  

  • Use CBD Oil as A Sedative for Your Dog  

One of the main symptoms of anxiety in dogs is restlessness or agitation. Because of these, anxious dogs tend to pant excessively and run through your house like there's no tomorrow.  

They can also display strange behavior, such as shivering or cowering in a corner. Regardless, it can be pretty troublesome, especially since it can happen even during the night. If you often deal with this issue whenever your dog's anxiety ensues, you can try using CBD as a sedative.  

For starters, the main component of CBD oils, cannabinoids, is known for its potential calming effect on humans and animals alike. With the proper dosage, it may prove to be an effective sedative for your pet. In other words, with the help of CBD oil and other products available on sojihealth.com, you might be able to make your dogs sleepy enough that they'll sleep through their anxiety.  

However, take note that not all CBD products have this particular effect. Some might be sedating, while others may have more of a stimulating effect.  

If you want a product that can act as a sedative, it must have a high dose of cannabinoids, which you can get from the likes of NAYSA hemp seed oil and similar products.  

If you don't want to use CBD as a sedative, you can simply give your dogs the exercise they need during the day. By doing so, they won't have enough energy by the time anxiety attacks. It may not be as effective as a sedative, but it should serve as an excellent alternative.  

  • Relieve Pain-Related Anxiety Symptoms With CBD   

Canine anxiety is also known to result in physical discomfort, or in the worst-case scenario, constant pain. When that happens, dogs tend to become less mobile and irritable, which would explain why dogs tend to shiver and cower in the corner of the room.  

Unfortunately, it's tricky to deal with the pain caused by anxiety since regular pain medications aren't suitable for dogs, but CBD products might be an excellent remedy.  

One of the potential benefits of CBD products is pain relief, and it works on dogs. While it may not completely resolve the underlying problem, providing your dog with CBD oils could prevent its anxiety from getting worse. Most importantly, apart from its calming effect for dogs, CBD may also minimize the chronic pain your dog has been experiencing due to its age. In other words, it may also serve as a long-term remedy.

  • Divert Your Dog's Attention Away from Loud Noises Using CBD Treats  

As stated earlier, loud noises are one of the triggers of dog anxiety. Most canines get anxious when hearing the sounds coming from fireworks, vacuum cleaners, and thunderstorms.  

You'll notice their anxiety when they start whining, shaking, and cowering around the corner. Dogs show these behavioral patterns as they don't understand the sounds. As a result, they associate the sounds with something dangerous when in fact, they're not. One of the best ways to prevent this issue is simply diverting your dog's attention away from these loud noises.  

You can do this in many ways, such as giving them a chewing toy or playing with them, but giving them treats prove to be one of the best options, especially CBD treats.  

For one, apart from distracting your dogs, CBD treats may also help with your dog's nutrition. Moreover, if your dog is more sensitive to sound than you thought, its sedating effect can serve as your last resort. Not to mention CBD comes in gummies and chewy foods, so it's practically designed for that purpose.

FAQs On CBD For Dogs  

Since this is probably your first time dealing with your dog's anxiety using CBD, you probably have numerous questions. Below are some of these questions and their corresponding answers:  

  • Can CBD oil make a dog high?  

When it comes to CBD, most people would have this same question, regardless of whether it involves dogs or not. Fortunately, most pet CBD products have virtually zero tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is the component responsible for the high effect marijuana gives to users. Hence CBD oil won't make a dog high unless you give them too much.

  • Where can you get CBD oil for dogs?  

You can get pet CBD oil the same way you get CBD products for humans—from online stores and pharmacies. You can also source your CBD directly from a manufacturer if you're buying in bulk.

  • How should you administer CBD to your dog?  

When administering CBD to pets, the best way is to use a dropper. Not only is it a convenient method, but it also allows you to measure the dosage. You have numerous options when using a dropper. You can either directly put the CBD oil on your dog's mouth, mix it in with their treats and drinks. You can also buy CBD treats as an alternative.  

  • How much CBD is just enough for your dog's anxiety?  

Each canine has a different tolerance to CBD, so it may take a bit of experimenting to find the perfect dosage. However, the typical dosage is 1 to 5 mg per 10 points of your dog's weight.  

  • Is CBD compatible with other medications?  

Some medications work well with CBD, while others don't. Your best bet is to consult your doctor so they can provide their recommendation.  

Wrapping Up  

Anxiety is a severe problem in dogs. It may even prove to be fatal if you leave your dog be every time anxiety ensues. On the bright side, there are countless remedies to this problem, one of which is CBD. But remember that although this article focuses on CBD for dogs, there are other alternatives, such as exercising or treats. So, consider using CBD in conjunction with these methods to achieve optimal results.