Beauty trends fall 2021

Beauty trends fall 2021

In these past months, due to covid beauty has been in a place where it did not come into use much. We transformed our home into an office, day care, and beauty salon, as we had nowhere to go, searched for home manicures, root touch-ups, and got dependent on DIYs. 

Although foundations and lipsticks were kept in the corner of the dressing area, since it was us alone in the house without company, we accepted the natural way we look. 

When the precautions loosened a bit, we either stayed minimalistic or jumped into statement-making trends like bold eyeshadows, peach hair, and sparkling nails to just break the monotony. 

Now that lockdown is no more standing between us, we have started embracing the new looking good trends. This fall meets beauty influencers with their latest beauty discoveries. 

Few beauty trends are all over social media, television, magazines.


Comparing skin tones with each other and turning it into a lighter shade was all we looked for, but the pandemic hit has changed us. It made us not care about how we wanted to look instead of how we looked. So, we embraced our skin tone and started focusing on nourishing the skin to make it healthy.

According to social media, pinners and influencers are boosting their skincare game by making videos on how to get glowing skin and facial exercises. Videos named ‘natural everyday makeup’ are less searched, as people are more into looking natural than putting on a ton of makeup.

The devil-angel mullet

In the lockdown, hairstylists kept looking for a haircut that would be new to the new normal; after a lot of go’s, finally, the runaways-inspired good-bad mullet came into trend.  After Ella Emhoff put together her fashion week debut sporting a baggy curly mullet, social media flooded with people chopping their hair off and styled with shaggy, messy bob and mullet that reminded us of Jane Fonda in ‘Klute’.

Hairstylist through their YouTube channel teaching us how to cut your hair perfectly at home, with a full tutorial. Long hairstyles have again gone out of trend, short don’t care attitude leads the way. So take the plunge before these artists change their minds.

Let the eyes burst of colours.

Hélène Vasnier, a makeup artist from Paris, inspired by pansy flowers, fabricated a lucid two-toned and visually loud eye makeup. On the contrary, artists noticed abstract watercolor unibrows. The Versace tarmac also witnessed the thrust of colour with electric cat eyes in shades of cyan, fuchsia, or crimson.

Spiraled and dripping colors were also used to draw attention to contours of the face, with dramatic draped blush and apricot twirled on the apples of the cheeks. It is time to think of your face as canvas again and paint it the way you want because art comes from the most unusual ideas.

The passe chapeau.

The movie of 1968 called wonder wall inspired the American fashion designer Anna Sui to churn out a variety of patterned headscarves, and silky bandanas were also available in the collections. They featured as the season’s monogram print. Versace also came up with monochrome, and bold-patterned scarves bolted with twin barrettes.

In Hollywood fashion, where monogram headscarves are already in swing, Dior does some modification with the scarves and turns it out more retro and glamorous. To finish an outfit, scarves are the best accessory, silky and knitted head wears are the ideal saviour for a bad hair day.

Funky French nails

Most nails were grown to a minimum length, and then coloring it with a solid color was the way of making your nails look good. Not anymore, though, because artists are taking pleasure in decorating up the classic mani. They are making use of glitters, smiley faces, patterns, floral prints as well as tribal.

Intricate designs are left with the artists, but buy different printed or colored nail extensions to get the same vibe. They are available online and easy to get, with many varieties that will get you confused. Another thing that is important in nail art is the way your nail is shaped. The process includes a liked shaped nail by you, then it proceeds to the drawing on the nails.

50 shades of black

Colouring hair meant only applying henna on hair just to get the same color over and over again because clearly, people were afraid to look different. But as the survivors of covid- 19 worldwide have another chance of living their lives, they are utilizing it to the fullest. Coloring hair has now gone to a different level; people are coloring their hair with vibrant colors, sometimes doing a rainbow seems a good, happy color. Terms such as ombre, balayage are so often used that salon are no more unfamiliar with them.

Just like a skincare routine, a hair care routine has also emerged at the same time, and people now know that coloring their hair can damage the quality of the hair; therefore, keeping it healthy and nourished is also required. Therefore, different products for hair types are available even more in the market as the demand for hair essentials is at large now.


Going through this article does not surprise you much as social media handlers are always updated on any kind of trends, be it fashion or beauty, acting, or the release of a new app.

This fall, beauty trends by artists have been taken to a new dimension.  These trends are so stunning yet straightforward that prediction says it's going to stay here for a while now.

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