Are Knitwear Dresses Making A Comeback In 2021?

Are Knitwear Dresses Making A Comeback In 2021?

Do you know the latest style trend that is making its presence felt in the Fall 2021 fashion season?

Let me give you a hint-

Every time you open Instagram, TikTok, or go through a fashion magazine, you will see celebrities flaunting it. Didn’t get it yet?

We are talking about knitwear and how it seems to be the latest fashion trend making a comeback!

From Kylie Jenner to Sienna Miller, celebs are turning to knitwear and showing it off on red carpets, grocery runs, and on Instagram.

Vests, skirts, pullovers, maxi dresses, and more. There are tons of ways you can use knitwear in the 2021 fashion season.

In this article, we look at some important areas that you should consider before buying women’s knitwear. Additionally, we look at the best knitwear dress pairings and types.

Top 5 Benefits of Wearing Knitwear Dresses this Fall-Fashion 2021 Season

In this section, we are going to list down some of the major advantages of wearing knitwear dresses.

Easy to maintain, wash and carry-

Remember the time when washing sweaters and other knitwear was a difficult affair? Not anymore. With advancements in detergents and washing technology, all you need to do is pop your knitwear into the machine just like any other piece of clothing. Knitwear dresses are very low-maintenance, which makes them perfect for travel.

Comfortable to wear on all occasions-

The best brands are now using materials in knitwear dresses that comfort your body convincingly. The slight fall chill can be easily dealt with thanks to a light sweater cardigan or an easy-to-wear knitwear dress. Anyone who has tried knitwear knows that its flexibility allows you the utmost movement in tight situations like long-haul flights and trains.

It’s easy to pack and store in your closet or the suitcase-

When it comes to knitwear dresses, you do not have to worry about them getting wrinkled or spoiled in your suitcase. The same goes for storing them away in your wardrobe closet. You can simply fold it and keep it away. Whenever you open it up, you will see that it is as good as new and takes the shape of your body whenever you wear it again.

  1. Does not get wrinkles and you don’t have to get it pressed-

Following the above point, one major reason celebs wear knitwear dresses on their vacations is this. Sweater vests, tops, skirts, and dresses do not require you to steam-press them every time you need to wear them. Since they do not catch any wrinkles, unlike a cotton or satin dress, it is convenient to carry them wherever you are going.

Versatility, and stylishly goes with all fashion combinations-

A simple sweater vest and a pair of mommy jeans- you can never go wrong with it. A body-hugging knee-length knitwear dress with a pair of white sneakers- stylish, cool, and fancy! The humble knitwear is a great piece of fashion clothing owing to its versatility. You can pair it with so many different options and always look fashionably stylish doing it.

Different Types of Knitwear Dresses that you should be trying this fall

As we mentioned in the sections above, there are tons of ways you can wear and style your dressing around knitwear. In this section, let us look at some of the most popular ones-

The Stylish Knitwear Pull-Over-

Smart, cool, and sophisticated, the knitwear pull-over can be your go-to choice for those casual date lunches or dinners. If you want to keep it effortlessly classic, pair a white pullover with a pair of blue jeans and some Air Jordans. If you are looking to win brownie points with the fashion police on Instagram, you can never go wrong with this look.

The Knitwear Buttoned-Up Mini Dress-

If being sensual is what you are aiming for, look no further than the knitwear buttoned-up mini dress. Go for earthy hues that complement your complexion. You need to know that wearing this will help accentuate your curves. If you are looking to make a striking impression, this will help you achieve it successfully. Pair it up with some earrings and pointed mules.

Sleeveless Knitwear Maxi Dress-

What if you could combine two fashion trends making a serious comeback in 2021? Yes, you read that right. On Shop Style Shark, you can buy a maxi dress that is created from knitwear. You can never go wrong with something as cute as a cable-knit maxi dress with a metallic clutch bag and some oversized boots. Perfect for those evening dates, and wine tasting vacays.

Knitted Buttoned-Up Cropped Cardigan-

If there is one thing fashion icon Hailey Bieber swears by, it is these knitted buttoned-up cropped cardigans! Like the pullover, you can wear them with a pair of blue mommy jeans and some converse. What makes this different from the pullover would be the oversized fancy buttons in the front. Again, this is a wardrobe must-have for the fall fashion season.

Beachwear See-Through Knit Maxi Dress-

If you want to feel like a celebrity holidaying on a yacht off the Mediterranean coast, you need this dress. There is something sexy about wearing a two-piece bikini under a see-through knitwear maxi dress. If you are going with your better half on a honeymoon, this is something that will be perfect to spice things up. Pair it with a light chain and pendant.

The Final Word

You should not be too conscious when it comes to women’s knitwear dresses. There are tons of options out there. The key is to choose this from brands that understand what is trending and what suits the different body types best.

If you think that sweater vests and knitted skirts were fashion clothing people used to wear in the 1970s, think again. Celebs are going crazy over them and brands are creating extensive collections and lines for the Fall-Fashion 2021 season.

Can you think of some more interesting ways and pairings that we can try using knitwear? Which of the celebs do you think is the best when it comes to flaunting knitwear dresses? Drop your answers in the comments below.