7 Amazing Gifting Ideas For Vape Enthusiasts

7 Amazing Gifting Ideas For Vape Enthusiasts

7 Amazing Gifting Ideas For Vape Enthusiasts


Are you looking for an ideal gift for your vaping friend? Well, have we got some suggestions for you? After all, we've all been there. Either you're looking to give a fantastic gift your recipient will love, or you're looking for ideas to buy something for yourself. There are many options out there, and it can get overwhelming. It's easy to get wrapped up in the hype and forget about those convenient features. 

When you present a gift that caters to someone's interests, they will be more excited about it because it shows you care enough to know what they like.

Here are some of our best gift ideas for vape enthusiasts. These are all practical items that are useful in a wide range of situations.

1. A Vape Magazine Subscription

What could be better than relaxing with a vape magazine? If you're looking for something practical that your vaping friend will enjoy, consider getting them a subscription. The options are endless, and virtually all of them offer much more than just vape news.

There are magazine subscriptions that feature advice on how to build your vape setup. Some even go into more depth with building your coils, setting up coils, and using different flavors. There are reviews and interviews with famous vaping bloggers and YouTubers.

These will all be very practical to have in your collection, and your friend will appreciate that you went all out for them.

2. Support their Passion with a Vape Box


Vaping enthusiasts are passionate about their vaping gear and will always look for ways to upgrade and enhance their experience. An excellent way to accomplish this would be to put together a vape box filled with useful vaping accessories like 510 vape pen.

Vape boxes usually come in multiple different designs and sizes. They can include batteries, atomizers, coils, drip tips, or replacement parts. If the recipient is just getting started, these boxes will provide a collection of valuable pieces that they can use daily.

3. Boost their Vaping Experience with Premium E-juice

Vaping is only possible with vape juice; it's the fuel for vaping devices. The best part about e juice is that they come in so many flavors, which means everyone has a flavor. If you want to give your friend a truly memorable gift, consider buying a new premium flavor of e-juice, for example Keep It 100 vape juice.

E-juice can come in either pre-mixed or individual flavors the user can mix. The best e-juices are made from good quality ingredients and don't contain any harmful chemicals — they will bring joy to your partner and help them enjoy their vaping experience even more.

4. Help them Show their Style with a Custom Case or Sleeve

Vape gear is all about style, and you can show just how much you appreciate the design of your friend's vape with a device case or sleeve. These cases will help protect a device from damage while also ensuring they show off their sense of style.

These cases come in various designs and colors, from bright neon patterns to classic patterns. They can be designed to match any sense of style and are some of the best ways to protect a device while adding some flair to their daily life.


5. Gift them a Portable Charger for when they are On-the-go

Although vape batteries are great, they can have a short lifespan. For friends who are constantly vaping, a portable charger can be your gift savior. You can find portable chargers in many shapes, sizes, and prices, so there is bound to be one perfect for you and your friend.

The best thing about getting your vaping bud a portable charger is, it ensures their vaping experience is not limited to only one location. So, whether they are out shopping, traveling on vacation, outside, or at the office, their vaping experience can still go on.

6. A Sub-ohm Upgrade Kit for the Experts

For the advanced vape enthusiast in your life, upgrading to a sub-ohm coil can drastically change their vaping experience. You can save money by using less e-liquid when vaping with sub-ohm vaping. 

This year, consider gifting them with a sub-ohm upgrade kit compatible with their current vape mod. You can easily purchase this type of gift from online or physical stores.

7. A Gift Card


Gifting a vape lover a gift card can be the perfect present. Allowing them to pick out their items will give them the power to do what they want rather than forcing them to get something that they probably don't want. It is an excellent idea for someone very particular about their vaping gear.

There you have it. We hope these great gift ideas have inspired you to find a present for the vape enthusiast in your life. Happy shopping!