6 Things You Can Usually Find In A Cigar Aficionado’s House

6 Things You Can Usually Find In A Cigar Aficionado’s House

6 Things You Can Usually Find In A Cigar Aficionado's House

Welcome to the ultimate guide to a cigar aficionado’s house! Suppose you have just recently started collecting cigars and experimenting with the different aromas and flavors. In that case, we are taking you on a tour in an enthusiast’s house to help you shift from a novice collector to a real expert! Here are 6 things you will find in an aficionado's house. 

Different Shapes

Not all cigars are shaped in the same form. Different brands come in different shapes and sizes. Typical novices usually start with Parejo-shaped ones as they are the most popular. However, in a real aficionado’s house, you will likely find a wide variety of cigar shapes in their collection. Here is a list of some types you could stumble upon: 

  • Parejo
  • Chisel
  • Torpedo
  • Presidente
  • Perfecto
  • Pyramid
  • Culebra
  • Salomon

Try a Culebra for a really unique shape! Furthermore, keep the other shapes on hand to offer to guests who would appreciate them. 

Different Sizes

A cigar’s size is very important when wanting to know how long it will last! There are two ways to determine the size of a cigar, the length which is usually measured in inches, and the diameter which is measured by 64th of an inch. For real aficionados, choosing which type or size depends on how long you wish to keep smoking. For quick smokes at work, a Cigarillo that is 4 inches long is enough to last 15 minutes. However, for gatherings with like-minded collectors, a Double-Corona that is almost 8 inches might be just what you need! Double Coronas usually last 2 hours or slightly more. 

Different Wrappers

Do you think a real fan would have only the typical brown cigar at home? If so, think again! A real collector would have all types of colors, shapes, and sizes from as many brands as possible. Usually, real cigar collectors set up their homes as a getaway for other fans like themselves. They like to showcase their collection to others and gather like-minded people in their homes. This means they also like to host, and a good host would have all the preferences of their guests; therefore, all the flavors and wrappers you could think of. 


Wrappers are usually made from the larger leaves of the tobacco plant, and different colors symbolize the strength of the cigar and sometimes its flavor. If you are not familiar with the wrapper types available, here is a list:

  • Candela: Light green with a grassy flavor
  • Claro: Light tan with a spicy or buttery flavor
  • Colorado Claro: Light reddish-brown with leather or toffee flavor. 
  • Colorado: Medium brown with multiple soft aromas. 
  • Colorado Maduro: Dark brown with full-bodied aromas
  • Maduro: Almost Black with coffee or dried fruit or mild aromas
  • Oscuro: Black with multiple rich, sugary aromas

Infused Cigs

Traditional tobacco has its list of aromas and flavors usually indicated by the wrapper; however, collectors are also familiar with the infused tropical flavors that are not available in classic ones. New flavors appear yearly, and it is better to keep up with the trend as your palette evolves the more you smoke and experiment. If you are a new cigar aficionado, try fruit or herb-infused cigars and keep a couple of boxes at home for different occasions. After all, every flavor has its own mood and time.

Multiple Humidors

Real aficionados have just the right humidor for different types of cigars. Humidors are the boxes you buy to keep your cigars stored at a perfect temperature. Typically, a good humidor seals well, and its walls are lined with Spanish cider. If the humidor doesn’t have both aspects, the cigars could rot with time; your money and effort will go down the drain! Nowadays, humidors have evolved to include The New Air Humidor, a type of electronic humidor that stores more cigarettes than the traditional ones. Electric humidors come with a one-year guarantee, and they have more features than traditional humidors. Research humidors well and decide on the best pick for your needs as a collector! 

Humidifiers for The Humidor

There is no way a real collector wouldn’t have different humidifiers and even some spare ones for their humidors. Humidifiers help keep the cigar temperature and humidity just what they need to be. They are generally placed inside the box, and most of them are activated with distilled water. Which one to choose depends on the type of your cigs and humidor, and the knowledge you have about the humidifier. Different types are handled differently. Here is a list of some of the available options: 


  1. Crystal Beads: polyglycol beads that absorb water and maintain 70% of the humidity of the humidor.  They expand with water and shrink as the humidity level decreases inside the humidor. 
  2. Gel: Often sold in a glass jar, this gel also absorbs distilled water and expands. It takes more time to get back to normal compared to crystal beads. 


Other things you might find at an aficionado’s home include alcohols you can drink while smoking and a hygrometer to measure the humidity of the humidors. If you still feel confused after reading this guide, head to your nearest store and befriend a real collector to ask for help. Generally, aficionados love sharing their knowledge and expertise.