4 Bedroom Update Ideas You and Your Kids Will Adore

4 Bedroom Update Ideas You and Your Kids Will Adore

4 Bedroom Update Ideas You and Your Kids Will Adore

Every room could do with a refresh every now and then. And as your child continues to grow, it’s likely that they’ll quickly outgrow the look, style and theme of their bedroom, not forgetting that as their possessions and interest increase, they’re going to be lacking space and storage solutions. In order to tackle these issues and create a space that your child will love, it’s time to update their room and give it a complete renovation.

It’s easy to think that you need an endless budget and a keen eye for design to overhaul a kids room, but in reality, all you need is some imagination, patience and the willingness to try something new. Read on for 4 bedroom update ideas you and your kids will adore.

Update Their Sleeping Arrangements

If your child is sleeping in an old single bed frame, they find their current bed too uncomfortable, it’s too bulky or they need to make room for another sibling, then updating their sleeping arrangements should be your first goal. Investing in kids bunk beds can effectively solve a variety of sleep, storage and style problems. By updating to bunk beds you can choose an efficient and practical storage solution, such as under-bunk drawers, pull out desks that are part of the bunk frame and even pull out bunks that make them perfect for 3 sleepers. Choosing the right look, style and finish can enhance your current bedroom design, or become a focal point of their bedroom update. 

Keep Storage in Mind

Updating their bedrooms means finding a place for everything therefore good storage should be prioritised. This could be done in multiple ways, including the installation of shelving units, clever storage additions such as boxes and baskets to place in their cabinets and wardrobes, and under bed storage solutions that keep the floor clear of clutter and the room looking elegant. Try out something like roll away beds Australia, so you can keep in mind about sleepover space. 

Display Their Books

Instead of having books piled high on the floor or on surfaces, why not utilise free wall space and have their books on display. This not only looks good but eliminates more items and storage solutions from the floor, it also makes getting to their favourite reads easier and even encourages a little quiet time. 

Try A Statement Wallpaper

Sometimes you don’t need to update an entire bedroom to make a statement. Just stick with one wall! Statement wallpaper doesn’t have to be covered in cartoon characters, princesses or superheroes, it can be something colourful and playful like a tropical print, something gender-neutral like rainbows and stars or something from the animal kingdom they’ll enjoy for years to come. If you’re worried about putting up wallpaper and DIY isn’t your forte, then how about some simple wall stickers instead? It’s a quick and effective way to inject some of their personality and a little bit of fun into their room.

Final Thoughts…

However you choose to update their bedroom, get your children involved and make it more of a project you can all enjoy!