What to Know About Moving to Winter Park, FL

What to Know About Moving to Winter Park, FL

What to Know About Moving to Winter Park, FL

Is a big move in your future? Whether it is for business, pleasure, or just a reboot on life, moving can open up opportunities you never thought possible. Florida has proven to be one of the most popular states in the nation. It has it all, beaches, sun, social opportunities, and an array of career and school options, so it is not just the state for retirees. If you have thought about moving to Florida, do not be dismayed in thinking it is only Tampa and Orlando. Other, smaller cities can entice even more than these 2 big cities and if you are moving to Florida, consider Winter Park, FL. Here are some things you will want to know about this illustrious Florida town. 

Location Matters

Orlando is famous for world renowned theme parks and endless entertainment options, but all of that excitement is not always the best for locals. Therefore, many locals in the area choose to live outside of Orlando in one of the many subdivisions. Winter Park, FL is one of the most popular of these outlying subdivisions. This city boasts a current population of around 30,000 and home values have skyrocketed in recent years as this place has become a significant draw to those moving to Florida. The attraction has a lot to do with the overall vibrant vibe of the city and inclusivity of the people, but also, the fact that in the blink of an eye, you can be in the midst of the best attractions in Florida. 

Classic American History

Moving to a place can be an adventure and the history of your new city can have a lot to do with your decision to move. Winter Park, FL is a place of true historical significance in American History. Like many locations, it was born from the building of railroad tracks. Although the town was in existence before and became officially recognized as a city in 1870, it was 1880, when the South Florida Railroad cut track just west of the town that Winter Park, FL began to truly boom. With the railroad came Loring Chase who helped establish the borders of Winter Park and cut roads to begin making the city you see today. 

Larger Homes

When living in a big city in Florida you can expect a few things. There will be traffic. You will have plenty of things to do and your apartment or home will have a significantly smaller floorplan. You will not find that issue in Winter Park, FL. This city boasts large scale homes that provide ample space for your family to stretch out and enjoy being in their new home. Homes here tend to have an open layout with larger windows designed to enhance your view. 

However, there is one drawback to these larger homes. Even with all the space, many lack available closet storage. Due to the proximity to the ocean, a basement in Florida is simply unheard of and attic space can be difficult to manage due to high humidity levels in this sub tropic climate. Most people looking to store seasonal items or valuables turn to storage units in Winter Park, FL for their storage needs. These facilities offer both standard storage and climate controlled, so you can keep your precious items safe and secure without worry. 

Festivals Throughout the Year

Winter Park, FL has an illustrious downtown area that is home to some of the best shopping and dining in the area, but this center stage plays host to a variety of festivals throughout the year as well. Among the most popular festivals is the Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival. This festival is not just popular with the locals, but is nationally ranked as one of the oldest continually running festivals in the nation, so each year, people from around the country venture to this small hamlet just to take part in the festival. 

Farmer’s Market

One of the best things about living in the southern United States is the ample amount of produce available from local farmers. Winter Park, FL is no different and thankfully, you do not have to venture out to individual farms to find a place to buy some amazing fruits and veggies. The Winter Park Farmer’s Market is held each Saturday and is one of the biggest markets in the area. It boasts a wide range of citrus fruits that Florida is famous for, but also a variety of other fruits and vegetables, so you can stock your pantry with fresh, never frozen options throughout the year to help you eat healthy and enjoy life even more in Winter Park, FL. 

Higher Cost of Living

Sometimes when researching places to move to, perspective residents can get stuck on simply looking at the cost of living. It is no secret that Winter Park, FL maintains a higher cost of living, but that should never be thought of as a bad thing. Residents here strive to ensure that they invest in the community. Therefore, small shops that would normally fall to ruin in certain areas, thrive. For those looking to start their own business or just have a small shop for part time, you can expect a plethora of residents to invest in you. It is this keen sense of community that makes Winter Park, FL one of the best communities to live in, in the state, so that higher cost of living is not really such a bad thing. 

Winter Park, FL has grown substantially in recent years as more people move away from the big cities and into smaller, community driven towns. If you are among those seeking a new start or wanting to build your bridge to entrepreneurship, this part of Florida is ideal. Winter Park, FL also boasts a range of top-rated primary, elementary, and high schools for the kids and once they reach college age, Rollins College is right in the city, so they will not have to move far to enjoy an epic education. Winter Park, FL certainly has it all.