Why you should buy a hybrid in 2021

Why you should buy a hybrid in 2021

Why you should buy a hybrid in 2021

Hybrids are growing in popularity hugely at the moment. Part of this is down to the environmental movement that encourages us to consider the impact our car is having on the environment. More and more of us want to contribute to lowering global emissions by choosing a car that runs in part on electric power.

Yet there are plenty of other reasons to choose a hybrid car that combines petrol or diesel power with an electric motor. For a start there are the current company car tax rules that heavily incentivise electrified cars, plus the lower running costs overall that come with hybrid cars. They’re often very efficient and can easily achieve higher miles per gallon figures than a normal petrol or diesel car.

In this article we’ll take a closer look at these factors, as well as some more reasons why you should choose a hybrid as your next car. 

If you’re already looking for a hybrid car, you may want to get a car valuation to work out your budget. You’ll want to know how much your current car is worth before you buy a new one, so make sure you look online for a valuation and work out your budget first.

So what are the benefits of hybrid cars? Why should you buy one? 

Hybrid cars cost less to run

The biggest consideration when buying a hybrid car is probably the lower running costs. Since hybrid cars can use electric power instead of fuel to run for short periods, they use less fuel and are cheaper to run.

There are different types of hybrids, and some models are capable of huge savings. Plug-in models that can be charged up at home using a cheap energy tariff are the cheapest of all, since you can use home electricity to get about 30 miles of range for a few pounds. Do this every day and the savings will quickly mount up.

Even traditional hybrids that you can’t charge up - like a Toyota Prius or Kia Niro Hybrid - are really efficient. These models are effortlessly efficient and we’ve seen over 60mpg easily possible without having to change your driving style much.

Company car drivers will save the most, as rules for Benefit-in-Kind mean that cars emitting low amounts of CO2 are much cheaper. Plug-in models are even more affordable to run as a company car.

Hybrids are better for the environment

Lower fuel costs mean you’re not buying and burning as much fuel, which is better for the planet. Low CO2 emissions help a lot as well, but the biggest benefit is local pollution. When you’re driving at low speed around town and in traffic, most hybrids will not use the engine at all, instead relying on electric power.This means there are less polluting gases entering the local air, which is better for everyone around you. It’s great to know you’re not hurting the kids when you park up outside school in your hybrids.

Hybrids are good to drive

Since all hybrid cars are automatic and use electric power, they’re really easy and relaxing to drive in traffic and on the daily commute. Most are designed to be aerodynamic as well, so they’re quiet on the motorway and nice and smooth too.

Yet the power that comes with an electric motor can make them fun, too. The motor delivers its power straight away when you press the throttle, so performance in hybrid cars is usually good and can be fun.

There are even some hybrid sports cars - and supercars - for those who are really into driving for fun, such as the Honda NSX and Lexus RC 300h.