Why It’s Important To Be Honest With Your Lawyer

Why It’s Important To Be Honest With Your Lawyer

Why It's Important To Be Honest With Your Lawyer

It is not easy to be totally honest with a person you have just met, and that’s why many lawyers struggle while gathering information from first-time clients as they go to them hesitant and doubtful. While that is understandable from a humane point of view, withholding information from your lawyer never ends well. Here are 8 reasons you should stay honest with your lawyer no matter what. 

You Need to Gain Their Trust 

Trust is not a one-way street. Just like you need to trust your lawyer, your lawyer needs to trust you as well. Your relationship with your lawyer is just like any relationship in the world, it flourishes with trust and crumbles with lies. A lawyer who believes in you will work harder than a lawyer who is just there for money, so remember that and stay honest.

Lawyers Don’t Judge

It might sound a bit unreal, but lawyers are trained to only think about the law and its clauses. They are highly professional; therefore, they won’t judge you as that is not their job. Instead, they will use your statements to find the loopholes that could help you win your case. 

You Need Good Defense

Whether you are guilty or simply scared, your attitude with your lawyer before any case builds the foundation of their defense. If you end up lying to your lawyer to save face or because you are scared of the consequences chances are their defense will crumble the moment the prosecutor asks a question that shows you lied. Lawyers prepare much of their defense in advance and if you are not truthful from the beginning their defense might backfire in your face. 

Your Lawyer is Your Confidant 

Just like you trust your doctor enough to let him operate on your body, you need to trust your lawyer enough to let him see even the darkest side of your personality. Remember that all lawyers abide by the Attorney-client privilege, which means they can’t easily chitchat about their clients’ cases so rest assured that your secrets are always safe. A lawyer is allowed to break their clients’ trust only if the client confessed to them that they intend to commit a crime.

 Honesty Can Help Them Negotiate 

Lawyers are generally good talkers, whether in court or negotiations. Auto accident lawyers, for example, are well-known for discussing matters like settlement and compensation for their clients. Whether you are a defendant or a plaintiff, experts at Stewart Law Offices say that the truth you tell your lawyer will help them greatly with their negotiations for a settlement. Remember, settlement claims negotiations are sometimes done with insurance companies, so you will have to ask your lawyer if you feel confused about anything. 

   Even Lawyers Don’t Like Prolonged Court Sessions 

There are many reasons why cases last years in court from one session to the next. The main reason is the lies! Once you start lying to your lawyer, a simple case that could end in one session could become a prolonged 3-year long battle that all parties will hate. No Lawyer enjoys prolonged cases, and mostly their best defense is the first defense, so keep that in mind. 

 Your Lies Could Count as Perjury 

Like it or not, lying in court is considered perjury, and depending on the judge handling your case, lying will definitely affect your case negatively, even in civil cases. Also, don’t forget that perjury is a crime that many laws take very seriously. If you perjure yourself in court, you might actually end up in jail, so before you lie to your attorney, ask yourself first if that is worth it. 

 Lies Waste Money

When a lie is discovered in court, more than likely, the prosecution will take its time to reinvestigate everything you say afterward. As a result, prolonged sessions will become natural for your case, and you will have to pay more for your lawyer’s time and efforts. This is a waste of both money and time. Additionally, if your case is prolonged for too long, you might have to change lawyers halfway through, which is not recommended at all.  

Finally, always remember that as long as you trust your attorney enough, there is always a higher chance to win any case that comes your way. Lawyers are a force to be reckoned with in court, therefore get your lawyer on your side and prepare for any court battle calmly. It is not easy to give trust to a person; however, it is worth a try if you need good results for your case.