Which Are The Best Christmas Lighting Displays In the US

Which Are The Best Christmas Lighting Displays In the US

Which Are The Best Christmas Lighting Displays In the US

Lighting Christmas trees is a practice that has been around for centuries now. However, it was until the late 18th century that electric lights came into the limelight. Today, whenever Christmas is knocking, most homes would like to decorate their indoors and outside space. You can use professional holiday light installation services to decorate your house with multicolored electric lights.

Christmas lights bring out the Christmas mood and draw crowds in the streets. There are lots of Christmas Lightings you can enjoy when the festive season is finally around. You can even hire Christmas light installers and decorators in Naperville and surrounding areas to decorate your house

If you want to enjoy Christmas lighting, you can bring plenty of holiday cheer with these colorful spectacles on this list.

  1. The WildLights 

WildLights is a Christmas lighting display you can catch up with in Palm Desert, California. It takes place between November 27 to December 28. 

If you have kids at home, this may be the right place to take them for a Christmas walk. More than a million lights are transforming the zoo into a bonfire of happiness and wonderland. 

You will find things like carousels, food, and entertainment on the menu. When you come to the WildLights, you should not forget to take a photo for an Instagram post.

  1. ZooLights 

ZooLights is another amazing Christmas lighting display found at the Smithsonian National Zoo, Washington, D.C. The lighting event takes place between November 29 and January 1. 

At the lighting, you can expect thousands of LED lights to greet the park. There are various light animals at the park. You can feel great and feel the Christmas joy. 

  1. Hershey Sweet Lights 

Hershey Sweet Lights is a lighting event that will take place through January 3, 2021, between 5 and 10 pm. The venue, Hershey Park, welcomes many visitors during the holiday season. 

It has a special attraction that will often feature a two-mile drive in the wooded trails filled with glowing lights. Here you will see over 600 animated and glowing displays in the winter wonderland.

  1. The Arctic Adventure 

The Arctic Adventure will be hosted through January 3 in Arizona. Ideally, Arctic Adventure was one of the best Christmas lights in the U.S. before Candy Rush came into the limelight. 

The event brings polar characters and the arctic chill to the desert. The drive through the Diablo Stadium will always include a neat welcome from a 32-foot tall snowman and some joyous holiday carol.

  1. Candy Rush 

Candy Rush is one of the largest drive-through animated lightings in the U.S. Found in Atlanta; the drive-through attracts a significant number of adults and kids during the holidays. It made its debut in November and has become the talk of the town since then. 

The lighting is located in Marietta, Georgia. Candy Rush features over 16 million multicolored lights and a 500-foot tunnel. It also has a simulated snowfall and a gingerbread village.

  1. Brewery Lights

This year, you can visit the Brewery Lighting and make your holiday count. This lighting is located right at the birthplace of Budweiser beer, so you should expect some glitter and happiness here. The brewery kicks off the Christmas holiday in late November with a public lighting ceremony. 

Budweiser brewery is one of the oldest and the largest in the country. Being a landmark, it is much easier to locate it in St. Louis. The lighting event takes place through January 3 from 5 pm to midnight. 

You can stay in your vehicle or drive through the brewery the entire time. When you attend this lighting event, you can ice skate, walk around the brewery, and grab a bottle or two for the road.

The list of things to do on Christmas does not end without attending one of these lighting displays in the US. Plan to visit one of these lights to make your Christmas holiday count.