What Dog Breeds Are Suitable For A Big Family

What Dog Breeds Are Suitable For A Big Family

What Dog Breeds Are Suitable For A Big Family

When it comes to big families, there are a lot of things to consider. You need big homes and big yards for big kids running around. But the most important thing is your big family needs a dog!  What dog breeds are suitable for a big family? There are many different types of dogs that would be perfect for your growing brood. You'll learn some popular choices below with pros and cons as well as other tips on how to find the right breed for you.

Labrador Retriever

These nice short-furred beasts are great dogs for any family, big or small. They are gentle and will always want to please you. Labradors have a loyal streak that makes them an ideal choice as a family dog because they get along well with children of all ages.

They also do not require too much activity so they won't be running around the house like crazy dogs chasing their tail if there is no one home during the day while you're at work or school. They can handle large amounts of exercise when needed but they also require time in between each workout to recuperate from strenuous activity.

Golden Retriever

This is one of the most popular dogs in the world and for good reason. Retriever dogs have a golden coat that is beautiful to look at, but it's also great because they'll be easy to find if you lose them on a hike or something! These dogs are very loyal and will never stray far from their family. They're perfect for kids who like dogs with calm dispositions.

They need moderate exercise and about two hours a day should do just fine! The only downside is that these dogs shed A LOT. But it's also worth noting that their fur is hypoallergenic which means they're great for people with sensitive skin or allergies!

Golden retrievers are also very smart dogs, so they'll be easy to train if you want them to help out around the house.


This is a royal breed, so it is perfect for dogs who are used to being the leader. The corgi will not be intimidated by any other family dog and may even put up a fight with them if it feels threatened at first.

Be aware that they need plenty of exercises, so you should spend an hour at least twice per day exercising your dogs outside in order to make sure he or she does not get bored inside.  This breed can also be stubborn when training, but their intelligence makes it easier than usual to train him or her. 

They will stay loyal and love every member of your family from oldest to youngest. So make sure to find your Cowboy Corgi pup today and make it part of your loving family. This will surely be one of your best decisions.

Here is a list of corgi traits you might want to know about:

  • Loyal
  • small
  • Friendly and playful 
  • Independent thinker 
  • Smart, but stubborn
  • Needs exercise 
  • Friendly with people and dogs 


A beagle is a friendly and affectionate dog. They are very cheerful dogs with a lot of energy. Beagles bark less than other dogs which are good for family members that can not stand noise or have to be up early in the morning. The nose makes him an excellent hunting dog, so you know he will help keep your house clean!

Beagles need at least one hour per day outside running around and exploring because they love their exercise time! If you choose them, make sure you have a yard large enough for him to do his business in because they are dogs and will not be able to hold it as long as humans. If this dog is going to stay inside, he should at least get one 20 minute walk every day!


One of the most popular breeds today, the bulldog is known for its cute appearance and friendly personality. These dogs are great with children, but they should not be trusted around smaller pets like cats because of their hunting instinct. They also have a tendency to drool due to the flatulence caused by the folds in their face which can lead to some messes if you're not careful! 

They are good watchdogs, but not the best guard dogs because of their friendly nature. The downside is that they require a little bit more maintenance.

German Shepherd 

This is one of the smartest breeds out there, and among the most loyal ones as well. No wonder many families with dogs choose to have a german shepherd around. One downside is that German Shepherds require a lot of attention as well as exercise, otherwise they can become destructive and anxious dogs. That said, these dogs make excellent family pets because they love being with people so much and need affection from all members on a daily basis!

Whatever dog you choose, make sure they are obedient and loyal, and treat them as parts of your family. That will ensure their well-being as well as yours. Most dogs are low-maintenance and there are some that require more attention but never too much. Once you have them you'll see there's nothing you wouldn't do for them. Have fun with your new pet.