Ways To Use Your School Leavers After School

Ways To Use Your School Leavers After School

Ways To Use Your School Leavers After School

When you are approaching final year, school leavers hoodies are the best thing that makes the last-minute memorable. If you have already passed your school, your school leavers hoodie must be kept somewhere safe in the closet. While you have kept it as a memory, there are ways you can still use it. If you are tired of maintaining that hoodie in the closet for years, now is the time to take it out. We have come up with the idea to use your hoodie even if you have left the school.

Give it to your younger sibling. 

You're lucky if your leavers’ hoodie did not have your name on it. A great way to utilize it and relive your school's final year is by letting your younger sibling wear it. If your younger brother or sister will pass their last year, allow them to slip into your hoodie. It would save your parents’ money, and your hoodie would be in use once again. The hoodie can make you remember your old days and may give you another chance to recall that final day. 

Photo session with your girls

The best thing you can do to relive your memories is meet your gang from school and have a photo session in the same hoodie. Even if you missed taking pictures on the last day of your final year, you could create a similar moment now. Call up all your oldies from the school and tell them to appear in their personalized hoodies. You can even make it a grand reunion and hire a professional photographer to click your aww-adorable pictures. Your gang can get the exact images framed as a memory for the future. 

Get it framed 

If you are not much convinced about the above points, prefer to get it framed. Leavers hoodies are a memorable symbol of your school life, and you cannot lose them. We don't even think that the closet corner is the right place for such a precious thing. Hence, why don't you get it framed? Just like you have all your favorite pictures hanging on the wall, framing the hoodie is also a great idea. It is an effective way to keep your hoodie safe and in front of your eyes for years. If framed right, your kids may also be able to see it.

Make it your fashion staple.

You might not know, but school leavers hoodies are a trendy fashion piece these days. Many individuals love to wear oversized personalized hoodies as casual wear. Women especially love to pair them with biker shorts and shoes. These hoodies also work as great activewear. If you have kept that hoodie preserved in the closet, take it out and set fashion goals. 

Get it dyed

You may also choose to get it dyed after your school and get it personalized again in your preferred print. There are many stores out there that turn hoodies into new ones according to your instructions. Find an online personalized hoodie store and hire them to transform your leavers’ hoodie. 

Your city might also have charity; donate your hoodie there. It may come in useful for someone in need. There are endless more ways to use those hoodies instead of wasting them.