Vaping Weed – A Better Option Compared to Your Regular Cigarette

Vaping Weed – A Better Option Compared to Your Regular Cigarette

There are some good reasons why a lot of people choose to vape rather than smoke their dry herb. For a start, there is the smell. Just like with cigars Australia, there is a distinct smell to smoking weed and it is not something everyone enjoys. When you smoke there is also smoke going down your throat, whereas with vaping, it is a lot smoother and a really better experience. The dose is also easier to control so you have more impact on the effect you achieve. For regular vapers, this is especially the case, though for first-timers you might find it more intense at first until you find the right level for you. What is great about vaporizers is that they get hot enough to activate the compounds in the weed but does not get so hot that it burns it into smoke. There are two types of vaporizers one that uses conduction heat and one that uses convection. Here is a closer look.  

Looking at convection versus conduction heat

When you use conduction to heat the herb is in direct contact with the heating element, the coils. You get a quicker heat time but if the herb is too close to the coils or there for too long it burns. You can fix that easily by moving it around in the chamber but it happens. Australian vaporizers using convection heat tend to cost more and are a bit more fiddly to use but they give a great vapour especially with dry herb. The product does not come close to touching the heating element, the hot air circulates through with each pull at it, which vaporizes the herb. The herb does not combust and you get a better flavour and experience. Convection does take longer to heat though so you need to have more patience.

Comparing smoking and vaping

When you compare the experience of using Australian vaporizers to smoking they are both very different. But if you are considering the health aspects of each one not only is vaping a better hit, and it uses less herb to achieve it, it is also better for you. That smoke is bad for your lungs, there are a bunch of harmful toxins and substances you take into your body as well as the active ingredients in the weed. Coughing up a lung does not have to be part of the experience. If you opt to vape rather than smoke you can still enjoy the product and the process, without doing other damage to your body.


We are not saying you have to give up your cigars Australia, or your weed. Just that you can enjoy the latter in a different form. There are many places you can look for a vaporizer, so take a look at the options and find something that suits your needs. For some they prefer something discreet and portable, for others, it is something they do only in their own home.