Upcoming Trends To Transform Tire Industry

Upcoming Trends To Transform Tire Industry

Upcoming Trends To Transform Tire Industry

New innovations are ha[pening in every industry. And the tire manufacturing industry is no exception. The generic and off road tires have traveled a long way from being puncture-prone, heavy rubbery wheels to sleek, ergonomically designed robust tires.

All automobile industry sectors, including the tire industry, are subject to radical changes with every passing year. The customer demands and expectations are evolving. And this evolving mindset has urged leading tire manufacturers like Mickey Thompson tires, Interco, etc., to rethink and innovate their business model to satiate the customer desires.

Tire manufactures are trying to integrate and assimilate newer technologies to address security, safety, and comfort while driving. The new-age off road tires for sale are designed with state-of-the-art technologies to make them stand out in the industry. In fact, tire manufacturers resort to digital technologies to design completely customized tires as per customer requirements. 

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This post highlights the most fabulous and happening trends that are anticipated to restructure the future of the tire manufacturing industry, not just in the country but globally. 

Upcoming Trends To Transform Tire Industry

Radial Tires Are Here To Stay

Radial tires, first patented and commercialized in the late 1900s, are considered one of the most revolutionary breakthroughs in the tire industry. And the legacy of radial off road tires is here to stay and continue.   

One of the best and most aggressive radial tires, the Interco super swamper tires have emerged as a popular choice for off-road vehicles. 

And the rising popularity of off-road tires can be attributed to the following factors:

  • Designed a firm tread that protects the tire interior and offers superior grip. 
  • The robust design imparts more outstanding durability and better maneuverability.
  • The integrated steel belts offer ample stiffness to the tread.
  • The enhanced maneuverability and greater durability can also be attributed to the spiral layer in the tire.
  • Radical tires like the Mickey Thompson tires are crafted with an extra-strong thick shoulder. This robust design structure safeguards the tire interior from sudden shocks and everyday damages.
  • The sidewalls of off road tires with radial structure boasts an extremely flexible design that gives you both protection and comfort.  
  • The special bead wires enable a firmer grip.
  • The tires are designed with a chafer that safeguards the ply cord from the heat generated due to friction between the bead and rim flange. 
  • The radial tire design also offers economic benefits by ensuring a smooth ride and reduced fuel consumption. 

Today, the off road tires for sale consider radial tires as a necessity rather than luxury addition. 

Smart Tire Technology

In the era of Smartphones, smart TV, smart cars, smart tires aren’t far behind! 

Yes, the super-tech innovation intelligent tires are capable of interacting with the driver. The rise of smart cars had led to the rise of smart tires. None of us is unaware of the dangerous outcomes of off-road driving with under-inflated off road tires. 

Typically the concept of smart tires involves generic or off-road wheels integrated with sensors that communicate with the driver about road and tire conditions. Such AI-enabled smart off road tires for sale are conceptualized to deliver a safe and secure driving experience. 

Here are a few smart tire benefits that you can enjoy in the near future:

  • Air-pressure monitoring with pressure drop detectors and air leakage alarm system
  • Tread depth and temperature measurement 
  • Tire, road, and weather condition analysis and built-in driving suggestion and alert system. 

The great digital paradigm enabling better security, performance, and durability doesn’t just offer an extraordinary driving experience but also has environmental benefits. 

Autonomous, self-driving cars are soon going to become a reality. And intelligent tires would be the perfect solution for these vehicles. 

Product As A Service For Off Road Tires

Product as a service has emerged as a new business model in various sectors. Automobile industry, real estate industry, IT and tech ecosystem, etc. And this business model is gradually seeing more acceptance in the tire industry a well.  

In the conventional off-road tire business model, you only had the option to purchase a pair of tires from a manufacturer. And once you bought those tires, you were the sole owner of them. You had to pay for the Maintainance and upkeep of those tires in the later stages. 

Things are a bit distinct when it comes to the product-as-a-service business model. distinct 

You don’t need to buy the tires anymore. You can only pay for the kilometers you use the tires. In this model, the manufacturer remains the owner of the off road tires, and you pay only for what you use. 

This might be extremely beneficial for off road tire and large fleet heavy-duty vehicle industry: 

  • You only need to pay for what you use on a monthly, weekly, or kilometer basis. Since off-road tires like the Mickey Thompson tires are suitable for rough terrain, you might not need them regularly. Therefore paying only when you use the sees a viable and economical option. 
  • Maintenance responsibility is taken by the manufacturer. You may need to spend more bucks on maintaining off road tires than purchasing them. With the product-as-a-service model, you can avoid unnecessary service charges. 
  • No use, no changes required.

Technology plays a crucial role between the tire company and the customer. This business model leverages a massive amount of data highlighting the total usages and maintenance-related issues needed for verification and authentication purposes. 

Utilizing RFID-based technology can make this intricate data processing easy and streamlined both for clients and owners.

Eco-friendly Tire Technology

Soon rubber tires can become a thing in the future. Organic tires are now a concept that has the potential to transform into reality in the near future. Tire industries are pouring their budgets into research and design innovative designs that can truly define a premium driving experience. 

  • Moss-based tires that perform photosynthesis and clean the air
  • Non-pneumatic tires that reduce the carbon footprints
  • Tires are designed with dandelion latex, a plant that is easy to grow and procure. 
  • Bio-sourced 3D printed tires with ultra connectivity.

That’s an insane amount of innovative ongoings in the tire industry. 

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