Trying CBD: How Do You Take CBD?

Trying CBD: How Do You Take CBD?

Trying CBD: How Do You Take CBD?

You’ve no doubt heard of the benefits of CBD – it’s grown considerably in popularity in recent years for its ability to help lower anxiety, inflammation and reduce pain.

CBD is cannabidiol, a naturally occurring compound that comes from the hemp plant – Cannabis sativa L. It’s non-psychoactive, so there’s no high like we associate with cannabis, making it a legal substance that’s entirely free from THC, the substance found in marijuana. 

But if you’re curious about taking CBD, you might be wondering where to start and whether it’s safe. There are various CBD products on the market, from CBD oil to gummies and topical treatments to isolate drops that you take orally. Here’s a guide on where to begin when trying CBD and how to take it.

Where to Begin When Taking CBD

The most common type of product is CBD isolate, such as Vitabiotics CBD, which you take orally and sublingually. By taking the drops under the tongue, you gain the maximum absorption for the best results. All you need to do is drop the CBD under your tongue, which is easy to do thanks to the dropper, and hold it for one minute so that it can absorb fully. 

There’s no set quantity of CBD to take, as everyone responds differently to CBD isolate, so as a guide, we recommend starting with 7 drops twice daily and building up once you’ve had time to see how your body reacts. The amount you consume may also vary depending on what you’re hoping to treat. You may need more or less than this depending on your individual needs. However, do not exceed 70mg CBD per day. 

Who is CBD Best Suited To?

People who are dealing with pain or inflammation, or suffering with anxiety and panic disorders, may find the calming effects of CBD beneficial to their daily routine. However, as with any new addition to your diet and lifestyle, it’s worth consulting with your GP first to check that it’s safe for you to consume. If you have food allergies, epilepsy or you’re allergic to any of the ingredients, do check with a medical professional first. CBD is not recommended for anyone under the age of 18, or women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. 

Which CBD Supplement Should I Start With? 

There are various types of CBD supplements on the market, so it’s a case of finding the method that works best for you. For many people, this is in the form of a CBD isolate that can be taken via a dropper and added under the tongue or taken in drinks as a relaxing beverage. But there are also gummies and topical treatments in varying strengths depending on your reasons for adding CBD to your day to day routine. 

CBD comes in a variety of strengths, so you can be sure of the level of CBD you’re taking. CBD can be taken on a regular, ongoing basis so you can experiment with the strength, products and dosage you find works best for your needs.