The Top Seven Interesting And Wonderful Wellness Retreats

The Top Seven Interesting And Wonderful Wellness Retreats

The Top Seven Interesting And Wonderful Wellness Retreats

To improve your health and recuperate energy, doctors advise you to go to resorts with such sources of health as salt caves, thermal waters, therapeutic mud, and others, where there is an opportunity not only to relax but also to cope with a chronic ailment. Thanks to such a trip, you will see a new country, get acquainted with an exciting culture, and fully relax and improve your health.


Blue Lagoon in Iceland

Natural pools with geothermal water and a modern spa complex are among the finest resorts and popular attractions in Europe. The Blue Lagoon is located on the Reykjanes Peninsula, which was formed from porous, solidified lava. Warm waters from milky to bright azure shades are rich in mineral salts, quartz, and silicon. Blue-green algae and healing mud also have beneficial properties. The procedures will be helpful for people with weakened immunity and dermatological diseases, especially recommended for psoriasis. Geothermal water fights cellulite, improves overall tone, and has a relaxing effect.


The Dead Sea in Israel

It is considered the most extensive mineral lake and one of the wonders of the world created by nature. The reservoir is located in a hot desert, and its level is 400 m below the world ocean. Due to the high atmospheric pressure and climate, the water in the sea evaporates, and salt is formed. For recovery, tourists swim in the sea mineral waters or descend into unique salt caves to take beneficial baths. The resort's famous spa treatments are also popular, based on the healing properties of the Dead Sea mud. It will be helpful in people with completely different diseases. The elements in the air and water help in the treatment of gynecological, neuralgic, skin, therapeutic diseases, and disorders of the musculoskeletal system.


Root Healing Iboga Retreats in Thailand

Over the past few years, there has been an increase in the popularity of countries where patients are offered treatment that combines the achievements of alternative medicine and the technological quality of European medical care. One of these countries is the Kingdom of Thailand. Root Healing will take place here this fall, designed to help you heal and let go of the past, discover your true self, and gain clarity about what you want. The healing potential of the environment also contributes to this healing effect: breathtaking nature, which makes it possible to completely relax and restore the balance of mental and physical balance.


The Pink Lake Of Torrevieja

The area's climate is one of the healthiest on the planet. The pink lake is gorgeous. The place attracts majestic flamingos, birds, and tourists who want to contemplate all this. A lot of music videos were filmed against the background of Torrevieja. Attractive jelly color, in which algae are painted. The lake is shallow. Its healing properties lie in the content of pure salt and therapeutic mud. The air is filled with iodine, salt, and minerals. It will be helpful for people who have problems with the skin, spine, joints, asthma attacks, and other respiratory diseases.


Ibusuki in Japan

Hot springs and sand baths are treated with underground thermal energy. The tradition of burying in hot sand was born here. After this procedure, the person feels as if he was reborn. The specially trained staff gradually covers the visitor's body with sand, leaving only the head outside. The first sensations are not very pleasant: there is a slight burning sensation. Then, as if you begin to feel that the blood rushed with renewed vigor through the veins. There is a feeling of a complete renewal of the body from head to toes. You can wash off the sand by plunging into the sea or finishing the procedure by taking a bath in thermal springs.


Karlovy Vary in the Czech Republic

Karlovy Vary is a classic that immediately comes to mind in the context of relaxation on the waters. The resort is getting prettier every year; there are many new methods of treatment that will put anyone on their feet. They treat in Karlovy Vary according to the usual scheme: the doctor will examine you and prescribe procedures: for example, taking water from specific sources, mud, baths, massage, and diet. Great for digestive and metabolic diseases, including diabetes and overweight


Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky in Russia

Kamchatka is practically the end of the world, but for the sake of thermal springs, it is worth going on a long journey. The main medicinal components of the springs are silicic acid, molecular nitrogen, and thermal algae. The substances remove toxins, moisturize the skin and have a rejuvenating effect. For treatment, you need to relax and take thermal baths.



Plan your holiday with health benefits. Mineral waters, salt and sand baths, amber spa, therapeutic mud, and thermal springs will help strengthen the immune system and allow you to take excellent photos. It's up to you where the best place to spend your vacation is.