The Top 10 Wardrobe Accessories for Every Closet

The Top 10 Wardrobe Accessories for Every Closet

The Top 10 Wardrobe Accessories for Every Closet

Wardrobe accessories — they can make or break an outfit. They're not wardrobe essentials, but they're the little bits that make everything come together or take a look to the next level. 

At different periods of time, hats, scarves, watches, belts, boots, necklaces have all been the height of fashion. Business culture has led a lot of people to never exploring the options for accessories in the contemporary world. 

The best wardrobes all have accessories within them, and any wardrobe would be incomplete without them. This article will walk you through ten accessories that seem inessential, but in reality, are must-haves. 

1. A Watch 

A watch is a great unisex accessory that is sure to bring unity to any outfit. Go with a watch that isn't too ostentatious. Let the simple fact that you're wearing a watch speak more than the actual watch itself.

A watch looks great with a button-down for men and great with a simple blouse for women. For men, they can bring together the look of any suit. For women, they can add an air of efficiency professionalism.

They generally work well with belts, so try to coordinate to create a complete aesthetic. If you are looking for watches for men on sale or a guide on how to get best Casio watches, just check out SenseOrient where you can find a lot of stylish and affordable timepieces for your wardrobe.

2. A Belt

Almost everyone needs belts to holds their pants up. However, if you style them right, they can hold their own as one of the best accessories out there.

Just like watches, the belt doesn't need to be all that impressive in-of-itself. Instead, wear a belt of high-quality material, and let it help your shirt shine. A shirt with a unique pattern or color combined with a simple pair of pants and tied together with a belt is a great look for anyone.

Belts can help women out too. If you have a wider dress that you want to hug to your form a bit more, consider wearing a belt around your waist. It will add a level of sexiness and flirtiness to any wide dress. 

3. A Tie 

A tie is a staple of a businessman's outfit. But when done right, they can help anyone out. Throw a die on over a nice button-down, and put on a casual sports jacket, and you're sure to look fresh. 

Ties are great for women as well. A trend from the 70's that's started to see a resurgence in women wearing a slouchy, feminized version of menswear. Consider wearing a white button-down with a tie worn loose, men's slacks, high heels, and lipstick to create a tastefully androgynous look. 

4. Scarf 

When the winter rolls around, more stylish people start to rock scarves. Scarves can easily look pretentious and over-the-top — how do you make sure you wear them right? 

Men should consider wearing knit patterns. Knit patterns help keep you warm. They also add a unique level of visual warmth to your look that will surely catch people's eyes. 

Women can go a little more over-the-top with their scarf looks. Consider scarves with frills, multi-color scarves, and summer scarves. 

In the 21st century, however, gender boundaries in clothes are breaking down. If you're a man and you think you can rock it right, consider getting a more flamboyant scarf. 

5. Necklaces 

When you get into the realm of jewelry, you walk a tough line between stylish and gaudy. However, with some thought, you can easily make a good necklace work.

Men should consider wearing necklaces to spice up a standard t-shirt. In fact, a man can simply wear a t-shirt and jeans, and, with some nice shoes, a quality belt, a fantastic watch, and a necklace seem to be wearing a lot more. The shirt has to fit well, however.

Women should consider jewelry statement pieces as well. Often jewelry looks good with a shirt that's unbuttoned a little bit. This will add flirty, alluring air. 

6. Umbrellas

On a rainy day, your umbrella can work as an accessory just as well as anything else. 

While foldable umbrellas are perhaps more convenient, a full-length umbrella is just that much more fashionable. You can easily cause waves on a scene showing up with a long black umbrella paired with a long black suit. This is especially true if the wood of the umbrella is particularly fashionable. 

If you're extra bold, you can combine a boldly colored umbrella with . . . 

7. Galoshes 

Galoshes, or rain shoes, come in all sorts of unique colors. While you can only wear them on rainy days, pairing them with umbrellas makes any look shine. They're not essential, but if you want to have an extra advantage on a rainy day, you should consider them. 

8. Embroided Clothing 

Every wardrobe should have at least one item of embroidered clothing. Embroidery allows you to customize any piece of clothing you want. This can make normal jeans, shirts, and jackets look extra special, and take already fashionable articles to the next level. 

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9. Shoes

Obviously, not every type of shoe is an accessory. Humans are expected to wear shoes in everyday life to protect their feet.

However, boots, heels, and dress shoes are accessories that you only use at certain points. Many people judge outfits based on shoes. Invest in the right shoes for the right situation and you're m making a great accessory investment. 

10. Wallets

After you've invested in all of the above options, getting yourself a nice wallet is the icing on the cake. It's not something that you wear on your body, but it can easily bring an outfit together. 

Buy the Best Wardrobe Accessories  

While they're not technically "essential", wardrobe accessories are extremely important to becoming a fashionable person. As getting a C on a test is technically "passing", so wearing only essentials is technically "fashionable".

Get yourself a nice watch, a quality belt, a good tie, a scarf, some necklaces, a nice umbrella, galoshes, an article of embroidered clothing, nice shoes, and a good wallet, and you're far more likely to shine. 

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