Sexting Done Right: How To Take Better Nude Pictures

Sexting Done Right: How To Take Better Nude Pictures

Sexting Done Right- How to Take a Better Nude Picture

Snapping nude pictures is more complex than it looks, even experts on social media made it look easy, but it is not. Taking a few sexy photos of yourself can be a lot of fun and help you be more confident. In addition, taking a naked picture of yourself and sharing them with your trustworthy partner can deepen your intimacy. Unfortunately, some people tend not to share their nude because of anxiety over photos being shared or stolen without their consent. Considering the mixed messages about your body and sexuality, it is the reason sexting has become such a fraught topic.

Taking a nude picture of yourself and sharing it is part of consensual adult sexting. Looking at someone's photo or sharing the image without their permission is total abuse. The fact that almost everyone is involved enthusiastically at every step of the way, snapping and sharing nude photos is a hot thing to do. This article shares amazing tips on how to take a better nude picture. 

  • Keep them easy and sexy. 

Unless you are a model or taking professional nude pictures, there is no point in being so stressed about taking nudes for your partner. The key is keeping it as easy and light-hearted as possible. This means your nude pictures could range from a hand on your breasts and a sexy look on your face or a picture of your fully naked body. Whatever it is, your partner will love it if you keep the pictures fun and sexy while focusing on the parts of your body he really likes. Also, don’t wait till your partner asks for them; slipping it in during naughty chats as seen on this website is a great way to kick the conversation up a notch. It could be a hand on a thigh, a view of your cleavage, an arched back to show the shape of your bum or anything in between. 

  • Use a Great Camera

Most smartphones made in the last six years are still capable of taking perfect fine photos. You can get a picture that makes you look like a model in a photoshoot, depending on the phone or digital camera you use. How good your pictures turn out also depends on the angles that are flattering for your body. If your partner is interested in seeing your naked body, they feel a connection with you, and they are aware of how special you are to them, and they want to feel the same way. If you are in the bedroom or restroom, you can pull your shirt up or skirt down to capture your partner's preferred part of your body.

  • Consider your background.

When you decide to take a nude picture, you should avoid objects like trash cans, piles of laundry, litter boxes, and dirty dishes. Instead, you can choose to include things like candles, attractive lamps, and clean furniture. This idea is to enhance and not to distract. But, of course, this means the nude is highly subjective, and it depends on what your partner likes and what his/her kinks are. For example, you can leave a pile of laundry in the shot. For passion, try a lacy bra and a bitten lip.

  • Try in-the-moment nude.

Many people are trying to default to staged nudes; however, a spontaneous approach always yields better results. In-the-moment nude involves sending the nude picture as a surprise. Maintaining the excitement of taking a random photo and awaiting the response from the receiver of the image is one of the most exciting parts of taking nudes. There should be an ideal, satisfying lead-up to the picture (flirting, saucy, erotic) beforehand. It also assists in the exchange if truly the person is interested to see the images. You can be in an unoccupied room, bathroom and take the photo from the top, focusing on your lips and cleavage. You can also consider taking a mirror selfie with your hands lightly cusping your breasts and a tongue out for added effect. 


Sexting is a big part of modern-day relationships, especially long-distance ones. It is a great way to keep things exciting and feel close to your partner even when they aren’t there. Taking nudes is a great addition to sexting as it gives your partner a visual image of your body, which complements all the raunchy words being shared. The key in taking great nudes is confidence, a great camera, nice background, and a sexy facial expression. It will take sexting between you and your partner to another level and increase the passion between you two.