Methods to Give up Smoking

Methods to Give up Smoking

Methods to Give up Smoking 

The quit smoking industry has really boomed over recent years as more people learn and understand the health consequences of being a smoker, and look for help when it comes to stopping. From inhalers, gums, patches, medications, books, CDs, therapies, and e-liquid in vaping pens, there is a lot to consider and choose from. Here is a look at some of those examples.

Books and CDs

For a lot of people listening to a how-to quit CD or reading a book is enough to help them stop smoking. But often these people are the ones that are able to quit cold turkey without any support. There are not many people that can do it this way and stay with it. A lot of smokers go back to smoking because of how hard it is and the book or CD is not enough to stop that.

Prescribed medications

More medications have been developed to help people stop smoking so you might want to talk to your doctor and ask them for some prescribed help. One example is Zyban which works for a lot of people who have tried other options and had no success. The reason why it is a good idea to try other methods first is that medications come with side effects, and Zyban for some has some pretty unpleasant ones!

NRT - Nicotine replacement therapy

NRT methods are your gums, patches, sprays, inhalers, lozenges and the like. Some of them work quickly so because you get that nicotine that you are craving this is a good thing. The problem with some of the methods is that the release is slower and then people are tempted to light up a cigarette having just put on a patch because the patch is not working quick enough for them. You need to learn when your cravings are more likely and to be ready for them. But while these products can help some smokers they are not always a cure because you are still putting nicotine into your system and you are not dealing with all the other reasons smoking is hard to stop. The habit, the motion, having one after a meal, with a drink, with your friends.

Vaping NZ

One of the more modern options to stop smoking is the e-cigarette, which uses an e-liquid that turns to vapour from a heating coil and you then inhale. It gives quitters a lot of the things they need to have better success. You can make the same smoking action, use it at the same times, and then the liquid you can lower in nicotine content gradually until you are off it completely, on a lower amount or vapes Australia liquids that do not have nicotine in them.


There are more options to consider as well as the above. Some herbs can help with the cravings when they hit, there is Yoga, hypnotherapy, acupuncture that all offer patients treatments that can help them quit smoking. In order to have success, you need to be completely committed too.