Keeping Passion Alive In The Bedroom: 7 Sexy Ways

Keeping Passion Alive In The Bedroom: 7 Sexy Ways

Keeping Passion Alive In The Bedroom: 7 Sexy Ways

Everyone enjoys the honeymoon phase of a relationship, where everything is exciting and new. You are learning about each other in so many ways, not least each learning about each other’s bodies. As a relationship progresses it is easy for the sex to become less exciting. This article will give you seven sexy ways to keep the passion alive in the bedroom. 

New Lingerie

It is an oldie but a goodie, new lingerie can go a long way to spice up your sex life. Aside from the underwear itself being attractive, it has more to do with the fact that it is new. Your partner will be seeing you in a way they haven’t seen you before and that makes it so enticing. As mentioned on, the only thing sexier than a naked person is a person wearing sexy lingerie. Find out what your partner is into and surprise them with some new lingerie. This is a great way to keep the passion alive in the bedroom. 

Have A Regular Date Night

In a long-term relationship, it can be hard to find the time to go on dates. If you live together it’s often easier just to stay in and watch tv. Although there is nothing wrong with this, if you want to keep the passion alive, you should schedule a regular date night. Make sure you are both in a flirty mood and treat the date as if you were trying to pick each other up and it is not guaranteed that you will go home together. Having a fun night of playful conversation is a great way to keep the passion alive in the bedroom. 


Lack of communication is what unwinds most relationships. In terms of keeping the passion alive, being able to effectively communicate how you are feeling is incredibly helpful. Specifically, being open enough to talk about what you like and don’t like in sex will make sure that your partner isn’t getting the wrong impression. You’d be surprised how often your partner might do something because they think that you like it when actually you aren’t that fussed. Maintaining good communication will help keep your passion alive in the bedroom. 

Discuss Your Fantasies

It can be difficult to open up and express your deepest desires as there are so many hangups associated with sex. Embarassesment and guilt are the enemies of good sex life. Make time to talk about what you want to try and make sure that it is clear that there will be no judgments on either side. If you are not comfortable with what they are asking then you should not do it, but being willing to experiment will keep the passion alive in the bedroom. 

Remember To Kiss

When sex becomes something that happens with less spontaneity, it is easy to forget the importance of the build-up. Remember when you started dating and you would make out for ages before actually going to bed. Try remembering to kiss and see how much more riled up you both are when you get into the bedroom. 

Think Back To The Start Of Your Relationship

In a relationship, there will hopefully be times that you can look back on a particular night and think, “Wow, that was good”. If you talk about that night with your partner they might jog their memory too. If it was amazing for both of you then you should try to recreate that night again. It doesn’t have to be exactly the same, but maybe you did something then that you haven’t done since. Thinking back to the start of the relationship is a great way to keep the passion alive in the bedroom. 

Maintain An Erotic Space

Once you are living together it can be hard to separate the sexy things from the mundane. One piece of advice that is recommended by psychologists is to maintain an erotic space. This doesn't just mean dressing up the bedroom with erotic decor or using perfumes with human pheromones to create a sexy atmosphere - you should also try to keep the bedroom exclusively for sleeping and boning. Try not to bring work into the bedroom so that there aren’t any subconscious unsexy thoughts. Maintaining an erotic space is key to keeping the passion alive in the bedroom.

Having good sex is a crucial part of a strong relationship. It is a space where you can express your deepest desires. Working on keeping the passion alive is important if you want your relationship to last. Hopefully, this article has given you some sexy ways to keep the passion alive in the bedroom.