How to Eat Best Low Sugar Granola Bars With Delicious Twists

How to Eat Best Low Sugar Granola Bars With Delicious Twists

How to Eat Best Low Sugar Granola Bars With Delicious Twists

Granola bars are the delicious mix of rolled oats, maple syrup, nuts or honey. These bars are a healthy option for your daily snacks. Granola bars are high in fibre, decrease your appetite and provide the required nutrients even in small quantities. Many people prefer to eat a granola bar instead of their breakfast. It is a quick bite and keeps you full for a few hours. However, if you do not like your breakfast to be dull or pale, there are other ways to eat granola. You can mix the best low sugar granola bars with some yoghurt, snacks, or baked goods and give it a delicious twist. 

If you are looking for tasty ways to eat granola bars, we are here to help. You can consume these dishes in the morning or even when you want to grab some light and filling snacks. 

Get to know all the easy ways to eat your delicious low carb, low sugar bars with tasty mixes. 

With Ice Cream

It is a great idea to eat your granola bars with ice cream for the ones with a sweet tooth. If you are health conscious but want your breakfast to be tasty, find excellent options for sugar-free ice creams. Granola tastes the best with vanilla ice cream, but you can even prefer to eat it with your favourite flavours. Take out your ice cream from the refrigerator and pair it with your granola bar. This combination tastes the best when you break the bar in pieces and top it with ice cream and some nuts. You can even put some fruits and other nuts to keep it nutrient-rich and tasty as well. 

The sweet and salty flavour of granola pairs perfectly with ice cream and nuts. You can make an ice cream sundae out of the best low carb low sugar granola bars and ice cream. This dish is even a good and healthy option to serve in breakfast for your kids. It is as quick as eating at the bar, but a more delicious option. 

Granola Ice Cream Pie

When you have granola at home, what is wrong with consuming it with some pie. What can be a better option than eating your granola bars with some easy to make pie? This pie can be made in minutes and is a perfect treat to try when you return from work or leave for the same. First, place a layer of granola bar at the bottom of your glass jar. Sprinkle it with some chocolate sauce and then add another layer of ice cream. Top it with some berries and granola and then put it in the freezer to let it firm. When you are ready to enjoy it, take it out of the freezer and top it with some caramel and serve!


This one is one of our favourites because you do not have to cheat with your diet or compromise with taste. Granola bars with some yoghurt is the healthiest and most delicious option to go with. You can eat this combination in the morning breakfast or keep it for the evening snacks in your refrigerator. The low carb no sugar snacks with some frozen yoghurt topped with berries can give you heaven of delicacies and give you the pleasure of life. This dish has the best of nutritions combined with fresh fruit and berries. It is simple to make and easy to grab. 

These were our top three combinations to try with your granola bars. You can even take some raw granola kept in your closet and drizzle it on the top of these dishes. You can even pair it with baked goods and an acai bowl. There are even more recipes to eat with low carb low sugar bars. Make your own combinations and enjoy!