How to Choose a Reliable End of Tenancy Cleaning Services

How to Choose a Reliable End of Tenancy Cleaning Services

How to Choose a Reliable End of Tenancy Cleaning Services

Often, when leaving a rented property, the landlord insists on you, the tenant, having the property professionally cleaned. Some tenants decide to try and get around this by cleaning themselves, hoping they’ll do a good enough job. However, many landlords have it written into their contracts that you must pay for - and prove payment for - a professional cleaning service to clean the flat or house.

In this scenario, you may find yourself wondering who to pick. How much do you want to spend on an end-of-tenancy cleaner? You certainly won’t want to waste money on a cleaning company that doesn't do a proper job! So, what do you need to look for when choosing a reliable end-of-tenancy cleaning service? Are you looking for oakland cleaning services? Spring Into Clean provides cleaning services for houses, apartments, Airbnb units, and offices in Oakland.

Search Locally

The best place to start your search is local. You will find, in cities like London, thousands of cleaners who are available, affordable, and ready to do the work. You will likely find some huge commercial cleaning companies first, but it’s best to dig a little deeper and find more targeted, residential, end-of-tenancy cleaners. Whatever part of the city you live in, you’ll find borough-wide or even city-wide cleaning teams with availability and willingness to do your tenancy clean. Better still, ask friends and family in the city who have already used such a service for a recommendation.

Look For Guarantees

Your landlord’s contract will probably be watertight. If anything’s not cleaned properly, they’ll charge you again for it. For this reason, it’s always important to look for a guarantee on the cleaning company’s work.

Guarantees vary, but you want it to cover you in case the landlord isn’t happy with the work. The awesome cleaning team over at https://royal-cleaning.co.uk/services explains that they offer a 200% guarantee, meaning that “that if you're not entirely satisfied with the service you received, we'll come back and clean up your place again free of charge.” These are the kind of deals you want to look for, especially if you have a picky landlord who’s likely to ask for a second touch-up at your expense - or worse still, take payment from your security deposit.

End of Tenancy Checklists

Make sure the cleaning team is experienced and well versed at the end of tenancy cleaning services. They should have a checklist that they plan to work through, showing you that they are going to clean every corner of that flat. The checklist should include the oven, bathroom, floors or carpets, and anything else regularly used in the flat. You want to know that they are going to clean your place top to bottom! 

Products That Are Included

When a cleaner comes to your home, check that the price includes any cleaning products that are needed to do the job. The best cleaning services like Anita's Housekeeping Referral Agency in Santa Cruz will provide you with a quote in advance So, you won’t be hit with any extra costs for parking, oven cleaner, gloves, or anything else for that matter. 

Compare Prices

Speaking of quotes, most cleaning companies will provide you with a quote free of charge. Contact them through their website or phone number to speak directly to someone at the company. Describe or send pictures of your home, the number of rooms, and any extra services that are required. They’ll then send you back a quick quote, detailing how much the work will cost and how long it will take. If you want to, you can do this with multiple companies to check which one you think is most affordable whilst offering the best services.

Read Reviews

Finally, a top tip for any hiring or purchase is to always read reviews. Any good cleaning service will have been in the business a little while, and should therefore have plenty of reviews online. Look at trusted sites like Google and Trustpilot to see what other customers think of them. 

Legitimate reviews tend to include pictures, long written thoughts, and details about the job. Be cautious about reviews that include none of the above, as they could be fake. If possible, reach out to other people who have used the end-of-tenancy cleaning services to find out which ones they used and who they would recommend. 

Follow these instructions, and you should have absolutely no trouble finding a cleaning service to provide you with an end-of-tenancy clean-up. A professional, experienced cleaning team will do their best to impress you and protect your deposit with your landlord. Then, you can move into your brand-new home, with your deposit intact and a spring in your step!