How To Always Have The Motivation To Do Your Workouts

How To Always Have The Motivation To Do Your Workouts

How To Always Have The Motivation To Do Your Workouts

We all know exercise is great for our health but doing it consistently can be difficult. You probably have gotten involved in a fitness program and for one reason or the other quit. There are several other people like you who also experience that.

When the voice that tells you to skip working out for a few days sets in, it becomes difficult for you to follow through on your plans. But, you need the workout all the same.  So, what do you do then? You need to stay motivated at all times. That’s the only way you can follow through on your plan when you get bored or the results you want are coming slowly. 

We understand that even staying motivated to exercise can be tough and getting out of bed in the morning even much harder, that’s why we’ve highlighted how one can always get motivated to lead a healthy life.

Set Clear Goals

Goals help give you purpose and you can start with simple ones before proceeding to complex goals. In setting your goals, ensure they are realistic and can be achievable. Complex or ambitious goals can only lead to frustration. 

People who have taken long breaks away from exercise can start small rather than planning for grand re-entry. A 10-minute walk, five times within 7 days is a good way to start as short amounts of exercise do have benefits. Then you can proceed to an intermediate goal and increase walking time to 30 minutes; the long-term goal can be completing a 5km walk.

In other words, start small and simple. Don’t write goals you know would be impossible for you to do. It is only when you’ve transitioned into that active mode can you engage in greater amounts of exercise. During that period you can aim to incorporate high-intensity training exercises of all the muscle groups into your fitness plan. 

Plan For Fun

Inasmuch as you want to be all serious and get on with your fitness lifestyle, don’t forget to incorporate fun into your workout plan. Look for activities you would enjoy and spice up your routine to keep it interesting. Feel free to change your workouts if you don’t enjoy them. 

Instead of just going to the gym or running around your neighborhood all the time, you could join a volleyball team, enroll in a ballroom dancing class, a martial arts center, or a health club. Look for online courses on yoga, kickboxing, or HIIT if you prefer doing your exercises at home. Get a personal trainer from GetSystem2.com for a total health system.  You could equally do your stretches or jog in a local park. Workouts don't have to be extremely boring and there’s a high possibility that you’d stick with your program if it’s infused with fun. 

Eliminate Guilt

One truth you have to live with is the fact that you’d definitely miss one or two days when you get started. Don’t be in denial of that, accept that there will be some deterrent on your fitness journey and you’d be mentally prepared to handle it. That you missed a few days shouldn’t be an excuse to give up.

Create a Workout Schedule 

Having a proper time schedule is crucial to staying motivated as much as setting clear goals. Committed exercisers usually do it every day either early in the morning or late in the night. Take some time out to plan and build in an hour each day to remain fit. 

Don’t plan your schedule around assumptions especially when it involves other people else be certain of not doing anything at all. Write your workout times on your calendar and make plans around those periods. Take it to be as important as other appointments you have planned out already.  

Have a Support System

You need people and encouragement from them if you're going to stay fly. Get your colleagues or friends to join your exercise. If you’re in a relationship, do work out with your partner or close friends. Not only would it be for fun, but it would also inspire you to keep on. 

There are usually fitness communities online that you can join. You get to see people working out and that can motivate you to keep exercising on days when you don’t feel like it. 

Keep Track Of Your Progress

Tracking your workouts is important and it can be done online or in a fitness journal. When you see the progress you’re making in any aspect, it makes you want to keep on. 

Working out is hard and what’s even harder is when you have been working but have little results to show for it. That can change anyway if you decide to be intentional about exercising and not just doing it because everyone else is.