Gentlemen For Hire and the Women Who Use Them

Gentlemen For Hire and the Women Who Use Them

Gentlemen For Hire and the Women Who Use Them

The term 'escort' is somewhat of a taboo in present-day society. The media often associates it with sexual services, which is an utter misrepresentation of the matter. 

The term's original meaning is 'hired companionship,' as in a man accompanying a woman (or vice versa) to an event or a date and getting paid for it.

Today, we would like to delve deeper into this topic. We will focus on male escorts for women, explain how the service works, and the ladies at the receiving end.

To learn more about this exciting and vital topic, please, read on!

The True Meaning of the Term 'Escort Services'

As pointed out earlier, this term refers to the services of hiring a non-sexual companion. It is done through escort agencies that usually focus on a specific gender, e.g., a male escort for women.

The escort's job is to look good, be well-mannered, and provide the customer with a pleasant time. The client can take the escort on a date, a day trip, or have him accompany her to an event (a cocktail party, wedding, etc.). 

The gentlemen who work for such agencies are strictly forbidden from being intimate with their clients. The emphasis of the service is on platonic relationships, something that many ladies seem to enjoy. It is entirely up to the customer to decide where, when, and how long to meet.

Escorts are paid an hourly wage which they set themselves. It means that you'll find men who provide services at different prices. The agencies tend to determine the bottom and top limit of the hourly rates to ensure that the costs between escorts don't vary too much.

Who Are the Women Who Hire Male Escorts

The ladies who hire escorts come from all across the social spectrum. However, the most common customers are successful, single women who are looking for a male company. 

These women devote most of their time to their careers and thus don't have (or don't want) a romantic partner. Having a male escort is thus a way for them to enjoy a meal or conversation with a man of their choice.

Another major category of escort users is single ladies who do not want to attend events alone. Some of them think that they might appear sad to the other attendees if they come by themselves, so they hire a good-looking guy to go with them.

Lastly, there's a prominent spot in the market for 'rebound' escorts. As the name implies, these are male escorts hired by women who want to make their ex jealous or tease him a bit.

Escort Services In the Pandemic

Like many other industries, the escorting business has seen a decline during the past year. However, as the situation with COVID started to improve and governments loosened restrictions, the number of male escort hires has skyrocketed.

It's not surprising since people were eager to socialize after long periods of isolation. And, as many were still afraid of contracting the virus from other individuals, they saw escorts as a safer alternative for socializing. 

The reason for this is, before a lady meets her male companion, she gets to ask him questions like: "Have you already had COVID?" or "Are you vaccinated?" By doing this, she can make sure that the person she'll meet will not pass on the virus to her or mitigate the chances of this happening.

Where Can You Hire Male Escorts?

Non-sexual escort services are legal in many countries and almost all of the Western world. So, you're, for example, looking for escorts in Ireland or the UK. You will come across many agencies in this business.

Now, before you set out to book your escort, there's something important to know. Only use the services of agencies that offer non-sexual escorts. Escort agencies that offer sexual services are illegal in most countries, the UK and the US included. 


We hope this article sheds some light on what the escorting industry is all about and that most prejudices are entirely unfounded. If you are a lady who's interested in hiring a male escort, we advise you to take things slowly. Look for the most reputable agencies in your area, as this will ensure a high-quality and safe service.