Five Best Solutions To Get Healthier Water In Your House

Five Best Solutions To Get Healthier Water In Your House

Five Best Solutions To Get Healthier Water In Your House

Under the conditions of modern life, we have to drink the water that comes from the taps and is bottled to clean the plaque and prevent tooth decay. Drinking and rinsing with clean water means that you would not have to get a root canal at a dentist in williamsburg. Under the conditions of modern life, we have to drink the water that comes from the taps and is bottled. Most likely, a glass of such water will not be harmful. However, long-term tap water consumption is undesirable: the liquid contains salts of calcium, iron, magnesium, aluminum, copper, and other elements. These inclusions are dissolved in low concentrations. Combining them, we get a mixture that is far from proper for human health. Improve your water quality if you don't want to experiment with your body. How to improve water quality at home? Let's take a look at five of the most popular ways.


Water precipitation

Want to improve your water quality quickly? Pay attention to this method - it is the simplest of all. During desilting, dangerous chlorine evaporates from the liquid, but not completely. Everyone knows that this substance is used to disinfect water from microorganisms, but chlorine also has a detrimental effect on our health. To get water precipitation, fill a container without a lid with water and leave it for six-seven hours. Volatile gases such as chlorine and ammonia evaporate. Then a precipitate falls out: metal salts. Carefully, without stirring the liquid, drain three-quarters of the water into another container, and pour out the rest.


Boiling water

To improve the quality of the water in this way, you need to boil it for an hour. Do not forget that the water must first be allowed desilting. The fact is that the liquid poured immediately from the tap contains chlorine, which during boiling turns into a harmful carcinogen. The disadvantage of boiling is that the concentration of heavy metal salts increases. For this reason, cardiologists advise drinking not boiled water but fresh one.


Acid water treatment

If you don't know how to improve your water quality at home, try adding acid to it. To carry out such enrichment, dip ascorbic acid in boiled water in a ratio of 500 milligrams per 5 liters. Leave the solution for 60 minutes - a chemical reaction should occur. The effectiveness of this cleaning method has not been scientifically proven since boiled water itself is not helpful for the body. In addition, ascorbic acid is not a natural vitamin C but an artificial one. Artificial vitamins are less beneficial than their natural counterparts, as their absorption is too low.


Activated carbon water purification

The sorbent commonly used in industrial-scale filters is activated carbon. To improve water quality at home, activated charcoal pills are suitable, which can be purchased at any pharmacy. To make the water clean, 2-3 pills must be wrapped in a sterile bandage and placed on the bottom of the container with water. Cleansing will take place within 10-12 hours.


Using water filters

The cleaning methods described above cannot always be used daily in everyday life. Therefore, the best solution is to install aqua systems in your home so that you get clean and filtered water. They work according to the cleaning principles we have listed, but the filtration mechanism has been improved thanks to introducing the latest technologies.

It is worth noting that standard meshes also help to delay unnecessary inclusions. They can be placed directly on the tap or at the inlet of the water flow into the dwelling. Using a mesh will be beneficial: the pipes through which water flows are worn out in many homes. Plaque and dust particles can get into your glass. If you require a higher level of cleaning, install a filter.

Which model should you choose? Focus on your needs and wishes. This fixture can be placed at the water inlet of your home, or it can only be used for drinking water. In the first case, you will have to spend a lot. An expensive filter will require a specific location because a large volume of water will flow through it. Changing cartridges regularly will hit your budget, but health is more important!


Final Words 

It is better to buy aqua systems at home in the brand's store. This method prevents excessive mark-ups. The narrow specialization of sellers will help you get high-quality professional advice. When choosing a place of purchase, you should clarify the terms of delivery, installation, and service.