Everything you need to know about top kind of Wigs?

Everything you need to know about top kind of Wigs?

 Everything you need to know about top kind of Wigs?

Many people nowadays love hair extensions. These extensions include weave, clip-in hair and keratin hair extensions. Among these all, there many types of wigs and in this blog we will try to put light on the 3 of the most famous hair wigs available in the market and these 3 are Headband wig, Curly Wig and U part Wig and we hope after reading this blog you might be able to differentiate among them Wig is one of the most popular hair extension used by a lot of people. Hair wig also has a lot of benefits and is very convenient. If you want to change your hair style or you are turning bald and want some hair on your head, then these extensions will work best for you. In this article, you will get to know about the advantages and disadvantages of wigs altogether, so without wasting any further time, let’s start!

What is a Headband wig?

headband wig is a wig composed of a wig and a headband. The headband covers the hairline at the front, and the wig is sewn on a soft wig cap. Some people call this kind of wig a half wig. The appearance of the hairband avoids the problem of the hairline and also looks very fashionable and novel. Because the hairband can be changed at will, you can buy more hairbands and replace them, so that you can have a different mood.

The Pros and Cons of Headband Wig:

Different style and colors:

These hair extensions come in different style and colors. You can opt for whatever hairstyle you want and in whatever color you want. You don’t have to bleach, color or cut any of your natural hair. All you need to do is to pick a suitable wig for yourself that matches your natural hair texture and your physical features.

There are a lot of options in wigs with different color, textures and lengths. If you have a long hair and want to turn them into a bob cut, then you don’t have to cut down your hair. All you need to is buy a wig and you’re good to go!

Protecting your natural hair:

That’s right! These hair extensions, especially wigs, can act as a protection against your hair. A wig can protect your natural hair from sunlight, dust, wind and pollutants.

To make it short, you can choose whatever color of hair you want in whatever style and also protect your hair from several things!

Hair problems:

When you start getting bald, you lose half of your confidence. It’s natural. But don’t worry, wigs are always there to help you out in this situation! With wigs, you can hide your baldness and look cool at the same time. Using wig will also bring back your confidence!


This can help you disguise in different characters when you are up for going to a costume party or any cosplay events. These hair extensions will enhance your style and will give you a great opportunity to become whatever favorite character you want to.



One of the major disadvantages of human wigs is that they are really expensive. But once you buy it, it’s going to be a long term investment and it’s going to be worth it.


Wigs can be uncomfortable especially during summers. You might feel as if your head is burning up from inside. But to overcome this, you can get yourself lace wigs. These will help you give your hair, a space to breathe and your head will not feel hot!


Just as you take care of your natural hair, you also need to take care of your wig. You need to wash it regularly with a high quality shampoo and conditioner.

Even though it has disadvantages, it has several advantages and wearing a hair extension can help you in several ways!

What is a Curly hair wig?

A curly hair wig is completed by curly sew in weave with a lace closure or lace frontal. According to the length of the curly hair, there are long curly wigs and short curly wigs. Most curly hair wigs are natural black, with the development of fashion, Julia hair also provides ombre curly wigs and blonde curly wigs which meet the people's different requirements. The most popular wig styles are body wave and straight wave, it is easy to install and maintain. But for curly hair, it is not as easy as body hair and straight hair. Curly wigs for women are a normal and usual hairstyle. Especially short curly human hair wigs for African American women. Curly hair wig is gorgeous and cute suitable for most people.

How to take care of curly wigs?

Taking care of a curly hair wig is an important thing for using wigs. With proper and good care can extend the life span of your wig. As the following, we give you some suggestions during using your curly wig.

Washing curly wigs in the right way. 

When you wash the wig, please use warm water, not too cold or too hot. Put hair shampoo for wig in the water; soak the wig for few minutes. Grasp the hair by your fingers, please don’t twist it, or you will ruin the hair cuticles. Fresh the hair by clean water and absorb the extra water in the hair. Using some hair conditioner to protect the hair.

Apply protector oil on the wig

After you wash the hair clean and absorb the extra water by a towel, you can use some protector oil to keep the hair glossy and shiny. The hair leaves the vendor, there isn’t have extra nutrition on the hair. So the hair will be dry, split, and mess gradually. Protector oil can avoid these problems, and add nutrition to the hair.

Dry it in the air.

Let the hair dry in the natural air, please don’t use the blow drier which will make the hair dry extremely. If you are hurry, you should use the blow drier, please make sure to set the low temperature, or it will burn the hair.

Put the wig on the stand.

Please don’t throw away your wig anywhere when you don’t use it. Put it into the box when you bought, or put it on the stand. It can help you keep the good shape of your wig. If you find the curls loose, you can use your finger curl it or use some bendy rollers.

What is a U Part Wig?

If you want to have a modern and classy look then try a u part wig. Give your hair a break and have something fun with a u part wig. A u part wig has a U-shaped piece cut into the front that allows you to pull a small part of your hair through the u-shaped opening.
You can design different sizes of u-shape. This u-shaped opening gives you an opportunity to blend your hair with the wig and expose your scalp to give you a natural looking hairline. It gives you a natural sew-in weave look.

The u part wig gives you a lot of visual benefits. It enables you to give your hair and scalp a break from the strain of traditional sewn on weaves.

This article highlights the pros and cons of using –part wig.

Pros and Cons of U Part Wig:

Using a U part wig as part of your daily style can give you some advantages. And some of them are:

  • Having a more versatility than a sew-in
  • Easy access when it comes to your hair and scalp
  • Easy and chemical free way of trying different hairstyles and colors
  • Undetectable
  • Creates fullness and length

Some of the disadvantages of u part wig:

  • Short duration in wearing time
  • If heat is required for blending, it defeats the purpose of protective styling
  • Possible breakage of hair due to excess heat from blending
  • Clips and combs required to attach the wig can be uncomfortable for those with sensitive scalps
  • It is not suitable for people with alopecia, or excessive hair breakage in the area where the parting will be Knowing the advantages and the disadvantages of having or wearing a U part wig is important before considering if getting it for your hair is crucial or not. Now that you already know it, the decision is still up to you.
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