Do These 6 Things to Get a Better Than Fair Chance of Winning Your Personal Injury Case

Do These 6 Things to Get a Better Than Fair Chance of Winning Your Personal Injury Case

Do These 6 Things to Get a Better Than Fair Chance of Winning Your Personal Injury Case


When it comes to civil litigation, personal injury lawsuits make up the majority of cases covered under the tort claim acts. Statistics show that in the US alone, there are more than 1.5 million malpractice suits filed on an annual basis, 6 million car accidents - add to those 125,000 automobile accidents involving other vehicles - and a toll of 5,000 deaths due to road accidents. Unfortunately, not all of these cases see a successful end. To avoid meeting such a fate and maximize your odds of winning your personal injury case, here are 6 effective things you can do. 

  • Do Your Homework

Chances are, you’ll be fighting this battle for quite a while. You need to be aware of the time, effort, and resources the case is likely to take. You may realize that it’s not worth the trouble and decide to walk away, but then again, you may become more hellbent on receiving compensation. If you reach that conclusion, it’s time to diligently do your homework. Look up your state’s civil litigation and tort action laws for cases like yours, preferably in the last 5 years. Research claims that were successful and those that failed. Most importantly, understand the value of your claim and the calculated estimate of your compensation. 

  • Get a Professional Medical Opinion

First and foremost, you need to get checked out by an experienced doctor, after which you’ll need to stick to the treatment regimen you’re prescribed. The doctor will fill in your medical report once they’ve figured out the extent of your injuries, so be sure to ask for a copy. The report documenting the extent of a victim’s injuries is one of the pillars of any personal injury case. You’ll want to present proof that you’ve been injured in the accident and you deserve to be compensated for that, and you can’t do that without the testimony of a medical professional. It’s worthwhile to look for one you can get on your side to help you throughout your case, especially if they’re willing to testify as a professional witness.

  • Document Every Piece of Evidence You Find

The medical report is a crucial piece of evidence, but you’ll need more than that to strengthen your case - or even have a chance of winning at all. For a personal injury claim to be approved, you’ll need to prove you were involved in an accident that resulted from the negligent or intentionally harmful acts of another party. You’ll also need to fortify your claim with irrefutable evidence. For that, be sure to take pictures and videos of the accident scene. If possible, get your hands on police reports, and look for unbiased witnesses who are willing to testify, if need be. 

  • Look for an Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer

You can only do so much on your own since the complexities of the personal injury laws are intense. For instance, living in a state like Colorado would mostly mean you have to file the claim within two years, or else your claim will be dismissed right away. Collin Earl from explains why that’s the reason you should find an experienced personal injury attorney to review your case and take care of its paperwork for you. While you focus on rehab and recovery, the attorney will work in your stead to maximize your odds of winning. 

  • Be Patient in the Negotiations

Whether you hire a lawyer or decide to represent yourself, be patient. Don’t jump at the first offer you get, whether it’s from the insurance company or the defendant. For that, you need to be aware of the correct value of your compensation. When you know the cost of the damages you’ve sustained, both on an emotional and physical level, you’ll never settle for less than you deserve. 

  • Keep Your Case Details Private

Last but not least, resist the urge to vent about your case in public. Steer away from social media; anything you share can and will be used against you. If you want to maximize your odds of winning, you can only trust your lawyer and close family with the details and progress of your case. 

Failing to get the compensation a victim deserves can be due to a variety of reasons, be it lack of preparation, failure to take the appropriate measures, or venturing blindly on their own. That’s not something you should ever risk, though. That’s why you must do everything you can to be fully prepared for what’s to come.