Dating In the Modern World

Dating In the Modern World

Dating In the Modern World

Dating can be hard. You may be trying to put your best foot forward to make a good impression, and it seems to get you nowhere. You could also be so busy with your career and family that you do not have time to meet someone new who is compatible with you. Add in the struggles of social media and of course, a worldwide pandemic. Read on for five reasons that dating at this time is even harder. 

Difficulty Meeting People

In today's society, online dating is the norm. This way you are able to make a profile including a short biography, so your potential dates know what you look like and what your interests are. Meeting online is the way that many people meet their significant others and it even leads to marriage. However, due to quarantining and social distancing, people have been isolating themselves. This can lead to some people becoming more impersonal or hesitant to meet new people. If you are in Texas and would like help meeting new people, you may consider trying matchmaker dallas.

Mental Health

Covid-19 has had a huge impact on many people's mental health. There is anxiety that comes with watching the news and learning that there is a scary virus going around and that many are dying from it. You may know someone who has caught Covid-19 and you have been stressed out for their well-being. If you yourself have recovered from the virus, there is likely leftover trauma and fear. After quarantine, many people experienced depression and anxiety going back to "normal." If you live alone or have not had social interaction, it can be very hard to reenter society. Separation and lack of routine can have severe effects on mental health, especially in those with pre-existing conditions. 

Increased Hesitancy

It used to be the case that if you met someone you were interested in, you may go on a date with them within the week. You may have even found yourself dating more than one person at the same time. These days, that has slowed down. Many people are limiting the number of people that they have contact with. More recently, people may be waiting to go out with someone until they know them better through phone calls and video chat. Many singles are being more cautious about who they are around due to the pandemic, so they are pickier about when and who they go out with. 

Lack Of Funds

It is no secret that many people are struggling due to covid. They may have lost their job if their career field was affected, such as the hospitality or travel industries. It is possible that they have unforeseen medical bills or are having to take care of a loved one. Either way, some simply do not have enough money to spend on dating right now. It may be hard to justify going out to eat or buying first-date clothes when you can barely afford the necessities like food, home, and transportation, and if you did get behind on your bills it will take time to catch back up. It could be months or years before some people are financially able to get back on the dating scene. 

Dealing With Pandemic Delays

Many people feel like the Covid pandemic has taken away a year or more of their life. Some believe that they are reaching the age that they should already be married or have children. So when the world shut down, it really felt like those goals had to be postponed involuntarily. Then when you consider the fact that most restaurants and theaters were closed and many still are, there has been hardly anywhere to go on a date. Not to mention the safety aspect. If you live in an area with a high number of Covid cases, you may not feel safe dating right now. It could feel like a waiting game.