Choose The Best Back Exerciser Machine For Your Back!

Choose The Best Back Exerciser Machine For Your Back!

Choose The Best Back Exerciser Machine For Your Back!

When you achieve the sculpted lats with detailed knots, it is worth every drop of sweat. It brings out the true chiselled beast inside you. 

But how do you achieve the perfect Greek god back? Should you stick to the conventional barbell rows and deadlifts? Or is it better to exercise using a back exerciser machine?

We’re here to clear all your doubts and help you build the perfect sculpted back.

Back Exerciser Vs. Conventional “Free Weight’ Exercises

The primary back grinding exercises, including pull-ups, barbell rows, and deadlifts, are excellent classic options to build your back muscles. However, if you have visited a gym, you probably know they’re not the only option.

A spine exerciser machine can help you target an isolated muscle group, pack on more weight while reducing the chances of getting injured.

Additionally, scientifically crafted machines like SpineGym don’t just help you achieve a well-defined back. It also improves your core strength and minimises the chances of back pain. 

With a plethora of options available for back exerciser machines, it is easy to feel overwhelmed about which one to choose. Which back machines will help you achieve the best results?

We’ve curated the top five back exerciser machines to help you take your back from average to stunningly fabulous!

5 Back Exerciser Machine To Sculpt Your Back

Assisted Pull-Up Machine

If you’re an athlete, bodybuilding enthusiast or indulge in regular training, you’re already familiar that pull-ups are the most superior back-building exercise. And it’s no secret that you need an extraordinary amount of strength to perform manual pull-ups. 

It is normal to not have such strength at the initial stages of your back building journey. Should you abandon this pull-up exercise?

With an assisted pull-up back exerciser machine, you don’t need to. This assisted pull-up machine is your greatest companion in your back building journey. It enables you to focus on the repetitions and achieve the perfect stance. 

With your back getting stronger, you can reduce the support or assistance level to achieve better results. Progressively you can get strong enough to perform the pull-ups on your own. 

Remember to use bare minimum support to assist you to pull your body up for every repetition. Perform 3-4 sets consisting of 8-10 reps/set.  

Spine Exerciser Machine

A SpineGym is a spine trainer machine explicitly designed in collaboration with London Spine Clinic to strengthen your spinal cord and back muscles. 

Back pain has become the second most common cause for visiting a physician clinic. The primary cause of back pain is weakened muscles in the midsection. 

A spine exerciser machine has several benefits:

  • The deep-seated muscles in your back and core are vital for a stronger back. With well-developed, strong core and back muscles, your reaction speed enhances, and you’re less vulnerable to become injured while exercising.  
  •  A stronger back supports good posture. 
  • Improved blood circulation within your neck and shoulder muscles reduces the chances of neck strain. 
  • A spine exerciser targets the transverse abdominals resulting in a stranger core and your stomach getting trimmer. 

Pull-Over Machine

There isn’t any denying that a good amount of muscle mass is necessary for a strong sculpted back. But did you know there is another determinant that attributes to a strong back? Flexibility. 

Having muscle flexibility is the key to developing a sculpted agile back. Focusing only on the mass enhancing exercises can make your back stiff and prone to injuries. 

The pull-over back exerciser machine improves your flexibility by allowing a deep stretch and squeezes the lats hard on each rep. 

Since this exercise is a form of isolation workout, perform it at the end of your back building exercises, including deadlifts and pull-ups. 

Low Seated Row

Do you want a well-balanced upper body? A low seated back exerciser row is your perfect ally. You can use different attachments to target different groups and serve different purposes. 

With the close-grip handle, you can focus on your lats. While the wife's handle can help sculpting the upper back. 

A low seated row offers a versatile choice to target any form of back-training weakness, enabling you to develop a well-balanced upper body.

Stay conscious and maintain your posture while using this back exercise machine. A stable spine ensures you isolate those gorgeous back details. 

Back Extension Machine

Having a strong upper back is your heart’s desire. But you shouldn’t ignore your lower back. Want to build the Christmas tree on your lower back? Go for the back extension machine. 

If you experience lower back issues, this back exerciser can strengthen that particular muscle group while holding you safe in a fixed line of movement.

Don’t get disappointed with the not so visible muscle pump. Developing your lower back can help you reach your dream physique and ideal performance goals.

These back exerciser machines can be your best mate to help you reach the ideal back structure.